Divide 0 by 0

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How do you divide 0 by 0 (zero/zero) and what is the answer?

You get 0, though technically you can't divide by zero.

Think of it in this way:
If you have nothing, and want to divide it by nothing, then you cant divide it because what will you divide it with if you have nothing?
It's like saying you're going to divide an orange by 0 pieces. It doesn't make sense.

Math is weird!


The quotient


is defined if there exists a unique number c such that

a/b = c

If a = b = 0, then

0/0 = c

means that 0 = 0c. The statement 0 = 0c is true for any real number c (for instance, c = 0 or c = 1). Since the answer is not unique, 0/0 is undefined.


You cannot divide 0 by 0. Dividing by zero is undefined, so it is not possible to divide by zero, even if you are dividing by zero. There are some definitions that say that dividing 0 by 0 is equal to 0 or 1, but I do not agree with those definitions.


You don't. Dividing by zero is undefined by definition. There are calculus methods, known as limits, that can identify what value a function approaches as it gets close to a division by zero problem, but 0/0 is undefined.


Well since 0 is not a number but the lack of a number then you get (divide by) as your number


If you divide nothing by nothing you get nothing, zip, zero.