Is gold an element compound or mixture?

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Gold is an element with Au. 24 k indicates that the gold is 100% pure. There are two factors for the color of gold:
1- The specific metal alloy included in gold.
2- The percentage of each metal alloy found in the gold.

Yellow Gold in jewelry of all kind you find 14k and 18k of yellow gold. 18k gold for an instance, has higher percentage of precious metal than 14k gold. So 18k has 75% gold. On the other hand, 14k gold has 58.3% gold and 41.7 of other precious metals.

Gold is also considered to be one the first metals known to man.

source: nationaljewelerssupplies.com/gold-facts.html


An element is a pure chemical substance that is composed of only one kind of particles, and it cannot be broken down chemically into two or more substances. Furthermore, an element is composed of atoms rather than molecules.

Gold is an element. It's symbol is Au. It is a chemically inert element that takes part in few chemical reactions. It can only be dissolved by Aqua Regia, a chemical mixture of three parts of Nitric acid and one part of Hydrochloric acid.


Gold (Au) is an element. Its atomic mass is 196.967. It has a melting point of 1947.2° F and a boiling point of 5084.6° F. It exists and a solid and is in the transition metals. It is highly valued for its use in jewelery and electronics.


Pure gold is an element. Gold that is not pure, such as, 22k gold is an alloy. An alloy is similar to a mixture but the electrons of the various metals are freely shared.


Gold is an element but it is rare to find 100% pure gold because they are always seen near other compounds or elements/metals like those in the dirt.


Gold is an element with atomic number 79 and atomic symbol Au. You can find more properties of gold in the periodic table of elements.


It is a simple element but gold that we buy is not simple it pure gold with little bit other metals


It's an element


Gold is a myth.