If it were proven that cell phones are what is killing honeybees would you stop using your cell phone?

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This is a suspected cause of the honey bee decline and they say that without honey bees humans will only be around another 5 years, but it seems nobody is willing to stop their dependency on cell phones. How much proof do you need before you would stop, or would you?

I dont have a cell phone, i did have one when they first came out, i also had an iridium phone when they first came out. i do own a satelite mini m phone, but i cant afford to use it. I dont like cell phones, it means people can get in touch with me, and that is not always a good thing, though when i had a cell phone, i did break my leg, and was able to phone an ambulance on my cell phone. I just dont like cell phones though.

I dont think the decline in the bee population is anything to do with cell phones, the world has been filled with radio waves since the early part of the 20th century, just because cell phones appeared, and bees started to decline, it dosent neccessarily make the two things linked, it could be polution, from fossil fuels, which has also increased over the last twenty years, ok, so we did used to heat our homes with coal, and cause lots of polution, but our homes were in the city, and the bees in the country, where now most of the driving we do, is city to city, accross the country. Could be many things, increase air travel, could be an undetectable virus brought back from outer space, who knows.

When i was growing up in the family home, i never in my life saw ants, nor did i see snails with shells, when i was in my thirties, and went to visit my parents, i would see ant colonies in the garden, and snails with shells, and the ants then started coming into the house, that was non existant in scotland, we never had ants, first time i saw ants in my life, was in my twenties in israel. In the midwest of the USA, I have seen many butterflies, and i never really saw them in the UK, i think all the pestacides they used, killed them all, and then farmers changes from using hedges to sepperate fields, to using fences, no where for hedge dwelling insects to live.


"honey bees humans will only be around another 5 years"; this is not quite true as, according to Keith S. Delaplane, Professor, Dept. Entomology, University of Georgia and other studies, animal pollination ranges from 5% to 8% depending on how developed the nation.

While there would be a change in lifestyles and some products we all 'love' would potentially disappear, the human race will still be around.

Having said that, if cell phones are killing honeybees then humanity should do something to stop this - people already don't consume certain products because of the harm the testing does to animals - therefore I would stop using a cell phone until they came up with a safe solution.


Does it make sense to you that, without bees, the entire human race would cease to exist in a mere five years? The major food source in the world is rice, rice does not need bees to mature. In addition, wheat is pollinated by the wind - bees are not needed here either. If all of the bees in the world vanished, there would probably be famines - but nothing approaching the end of humanity.

Given convincing evidence of a relationship between the use of cell phones and the loss of bees, I believe that there would either be a ban of the use of cell phones, or, more to the point, a change in technology.


Human will invent some other ways to protect them. There is no way you can convince all the human beings to stop using cell phones. Now it is impossible to stop people from using cell phone. Honestly I am not going to stop using cell phone. I must have to contact with my family, friends and relatives.

The only solution would be, to find a way to protect the honey bees.It's because we can't stop using cell phone. Cell phone has become an important part of lives.

I appreciate your concern for the Humanity and animals.


There is a lot of visible evidence that cell phones have nothing to do with the loss of bees. All you need to do is to go out your door and look up.

This is only one of dozens of reports on the topic.

http://ahrcanum.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/chemtrails-haarp-earthquakes- honey-bee/

There are more details about the chemtrails themselves



I would be willing to live in a "cell free zone" that would allow bees to survive in certain agrarian areas, if it turns out that cell phones are the culprit. I don't think that I could get billions of other people around the world to give up their phones.

Of course, we wouldn't know for certain that cell phones were hazardous to any creature's health until roughly ten years after the creatures were extinct.