If gravity pulls everything towards Earth, why doesn't the clouds fall down?

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The question is related to forces which is gravity.

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Actually, gravity "pulls" everything toward the center of mass of the planet, so why aren?t you being "pulled" down to the center of Earth? Because there's a simple counter-force that cancels out the net movement, namely the nuclear forces between the nucleons, the electrons and the adjacent atoms which all are attracting one another so strongly they oppose your feet sinking through the concrete (thank God!)

The same is true of anything, the water vapor combined with the barometric pressure allow us to figure out the size and weight of droplets of water in a cloud and their terminal velocity is calculated by accounting for how fast they can fall with the gravity and all the counter forces (wind, friction, weight, etc.) at some point the clouds have canceled out the force of gravity and this is the height for which they reside. If this changes the water may adhere to one another to get larger and larger until it simply cant stay in the sky any longer, gravity wins and we get...?...C'mon!....?...."Rain!"


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For the same reason as boats dont sink!
What you percieve as "a cloud" is nothing but a transient snapshot of an updraft of moist air encountering colder air!
On reaching dew point, the moisture in the air condenses out of the air as minute specks of moaisture, that are buffeted about by the air. On hill stations one can actually see these specks which are as large as "dust particles"!

Like boats on water, the hot moist air pockets float on cooler descending air (simple convetion).
Clouds float because gravity pulls down colder denser air preferentially!

So in short, clouds float because gravity prefers cooler denser air to be below them!

This is what powers the mighty sun spots on the sun too!
The sun's convective layers are powered by gravity. And so is the magma over whcih "clouds of silicon dioxide" (rocky continents) float! ...


Gravity is a constant force pulling everything down to earth. It won't increase or decrease. So under that constant which pulls down on the amount of mass an object has, Everything will arrange itself in order of density. The water particles in clouds have such little density that they easily sit right on top of all the rest of the air. just like we sit down on a chair or the ground without it breaking or us going through.


Because the volume of the clouds is much greater as compared to their density so they tend to float up in the air as they are lighter than air.

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Because water particals float into the air and creat the clouds and water evaporates and does not fall back to the earth without rain or snow.


The density of cloud is less than or equals to density of air below it.So it cannot come down.