Why the people sleep

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All physical objects run out of energy sooner or later, and have to be recharged. For example, you can't drive a car all the time, you have to recharge it with fuel. It's the same with humans. We run out of energy, and sleep restores some of that energy. In addition to sleep, it's also required for us to eat atoms that contain nutrients (food).

Some yogis such as Ram Bahadur Bomjon and Prahlad Jani have said that they have been without sleep or food for months, but that is probably because they spend so much time in meditation, which is a kind of hibernation mode.


Humans must sleep. Our bodies are incapable of going forever without sleep. I am not sure how long a human could go before falling asleep, but I would think it's no more than a few days. It is just how our bodies are made.

We don't really know why are bodies are made to depend upon certain things like air, food, water, and sleep, but it is how we are. The processes in our bodies cannot function properly without certain things.


Sleep is a must for every human being in order to restore his physical and mental power and energy needed.
when we sleep, our physical activity is stopped, and organs are at a standby mode gaining energy and trying to fix what was damaged from working and physical activity.

mental activity also diminshes while sleeping, thus giving the brain and nervous system a quite good boost of new energy to start after waking up.


A minimum of six hours of sleep is required to the body and is must. So whether you are travelling or whether you are at home, if you have not slept for a very long time, then you will observe that you will sleep even when you are travelling or as a matter of fact if you are at home, still you will go to sleep, this is because after sleeping for minimum 6 hours the body feels recharged and you can start your work or go back to work.


We people slpeep becouse our body,our soul and our mind needs a little bit rest.When we sleep our energy will recover.Minimum hours for sleeping is 6,but normal hours are 8.If you do not sleep enough you will tired very fast and you dont have any energy to do anything


Sleep is necessary for our bodies to rest and time to heal it self and lets us dream. When we don't get enough sleep we don't think clearly or function properly.


Because Need it so much for every people for refreshed work.

So sleep means refreshing.

Thank you.