Why are people either left handed or right handed?

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We favor a side, but what 1st triggers than favor of one side. Why don't we use both equally?

I'm ambidextrous, but I originally favored my left hand as a child. While in school I was told by teachers that I was using the 'wrong hand' and they forced me to learn to write with my right hand while in classes. While at home I still wrote with my left. By the time I was out of the lower grades - about third grade, where you stop sharing your desk space with others - I was capable of using both hands equally well.

Therefore yes, you can choose to be right or left handed; it just takes practice. It's much easier for a child who is learning to write for the first time to change their dominant hand or to learn to use both equally well.

I primarily use my left hand for drawing now because I tend to draw from right to left. This stops the smudging of my artwork. When I am writing, especially in pencil, I prefer using my right hand to avoid smudging as I go from left to right. It's a matter of convenience for me now.


Its all down to genetics. The left handed gene is regressive, we all have it, but it needs to team up with another. Chances are if your mother is left handed your children are more likely to be left handed. There has to be a left handed person in the family history for the future children to be left handed.

There are no triggers, people just know which hand they prefer to use even as a child. In early years children were forced to use their right hand as it was considered to be a sign of the devil in the child to use their left hand to perform tasks.


I don't think there are any absolute reasons for it, some people think it relates to the position the baby was in during the pregnancy, basically which hand was easiest to move during pregnancy, and because babies tend to lie in one direction, most people are right handed. Others believe it is genetics, while some believe it is to do with hormones during pregnancy - particularly the presence of a lot of testosterone.

I don't think anyone really knows for sure.


People from there inborn using a right or left hand when they are using continuously then there brain part developed than other hand controlling brain part-therefore people can used more efficiently their left or right hand than other hand. For efficient left hand working Right brain developed while for Right hand efficient working left hand developed.


It is possible, and there probably are studies on this subject around. For the correct answer I would ask your local University to see if they have any studies on this. You might even be asked to participate is they were interested in this area.


But what If you can use both hands equally like I can? I am Ambidextrous, works sometimes when my wrist hurts. My hubby is Ambidextrous like me as well. hm so that means our children will be as well?


It's inborn. About 10% of the population is left-handed. Funny, though, when I'm around actor-types, I start noticing a whole lot of lefties.

I'm one, and so is my mom.


It's God will, one never chooses to be right or left handed
if it was an option, there wouldn't be any left handed children, as they wold all quickly adapt using the right hand.


There are people who can use either hand to do tasks. Two members in my family were able to use either hand but did favor one side.