What is your blood type?

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I'll start, my blood type is A-. Is your blood type A? B? AB? O? Do you donate blood on a regular basis? Being the New Year I thought this might be a good New Year's Resolution...or New Year's Solutions as I prefer to call them...to donate blood one or more times in the coming year. Won't you consider giving blood this year - it's a simple thing to do but can make a big difference in the lives of others!

My blood group is O+. Thank you, all who donate blood.

For 4 years, I have been donating blood to my relatives and some remote persons. But most of the cases to the persons I have donated blood were either giving birth a child or having complex surgery.

Donating blood is a great activity and only that person knows how important finding the blood in case of emergency who are getting surgery. In my University, we kept a list of blood group of our classmates and anyone can call who needs blood.


Mine is 0 negative. I cannot give blood anymore due to the fact that I had breast cancer.

I have given blood in the past and felt good that I had donated in order to help someone, but unfortunately as I say, I cannot anymore.

When I had my babies, I always was given an extra injection, and after operations, and I was told this was something to do with my being O negative. I have forgotten their explanation, so will look it up later


I am blood type O- Rh factor negative. Unfortunately, since I am also a long term survivor of cancer (as well as afflicted with a different type of cancer now), I cannot donate blood at all.

I use to donate both plasma as well as whole blood before being diagnosed with malignant melanoma fourteen years ago.

You have no idea how much I wish I was still able to donate blood or plasma...


I think mine is AB. I would love to donate blood but last time I checked they didn't want mine because I was iron deficient anemic. That was many years ago though, my iron levels might have normalized my now. I should check. I dont think I'd donate either way though. I can sit for quick blood tests but I will pass out if I have to sit while they take pints of blood out of my body :(


I am O-, I try to donate blood every opportunity but due to a thyroid problem my pulse likes to skyrocket when I think of needles so I have been deferred 9 out of 11 times. But I will continue to try, O- is fairly rare but incredibly useful so there are often shortages.


I am O+. I have donated in the past, but I'm not supposed to donate anymore, due to a condition I've had for the past ten years. I do believe in it, and think that giving blood is the best gift that you could ever give someone!


My blood is O+.

I don't donate whole blood, but I do donate plasma, Depending on how busy I am I donate upto once every two weeks. Although lately I've been quite busy so haven't been in for a few months.


What a co-incidence? Mine is also O+ blood group type. In the past i used to donate blood regularly with a gap of 3 months. However, i discontinued donating blood since last year and i am planning to resume donating blood.


Mine is O+.
Donating blood is a good deed and you feel blessed. I am donating from years and you can donate 4 times a year. Please be assured that you are donating to a recognized blood bank only.


I am A- also, along with several family members being rhesus negative as well. We do not donate although we are not against it. we may think about it this year.


O -

I don't donate as much as I should as a universal donor... I'll try and improve for the sake of others!