What is the strongest muscle in a human?

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my question: what is the strongest muscle in a human?, please answer if you can, regards

This question has many answers and would need to be defined with a little more detail to have 'one' proper answer. In terms of outright strength that can be applied to an external object, this would a jaw muscle(s). The strongest muscle, compared to its own weight, is a muscle in the uterus (the myometrial layer). The muscle that performs the most actual work, would be the heart. Over the course of a lifetime, the heart does more actual work than any other, and almost without rest. In terms of both 'size and weight', eye muscles. One other that may be counted as the strongest, would be the calf muscle(s), just by the overall amount of force they exert continuously while standing, walking, running, etc.


The gluteus maximus (buttocks), is the strongest muscle. It bears all of the weight of the body while standing, sitting, running, walking and all physical activity. It is also the largest muscle in the body and is responsible for keeping upper and lower bodies balanced.


The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue. It is powerful and thick and works endlessly helping us with chewing food, and talking etc. This is the strongest muscle according to medical professionals.


I think it is the heart because it pumps all your blood and keeps you alive


The Masseter is the strongest muscle of the body.


Tongue is the strongest muscle.