What is the most common bloodtype?

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hi members a question about: what is the most common bloodtype?,please quickly, thanks

To answer your question, it's O+ with 39 percent of the population having it. At 31 percent is A+, B+ and O- are both at 9 percent respectively, followed by A- at 6 percent, AB+ at 3 percent, B- at 2 percent, with AB- the rarest of the population at just 1 percent.

O+ - 39%
A+ - 31%
B+ - 9 %
O- - 9%
A- - 6%
AB+ - 3%
B- - 2%
AB- - 1%

People with an O- blood type are considered universal donors as they can donate to anyone, no matter what blood type the person receiving the transfusion has.


I think it's the o blood type/group. This means the absence of the a or b antigen on the erythrocyte or red blood cell. I believe they are referred to as the universal donor. They can be transfused into the a b ab or o recipients without causing an immunologic reaction. They are normally given in emergency situations where there is no time to do a blood group test.

They can be safely given.


The figures for blood type O seem low to me. In my text "Human Anatomy & Physiology" it list four groups within America.
Whites @ 45%
Blacks @ 49%
Asiam @ 40%
Native Americans @ 79%
It fails to list Hispanics. Could the huge influx of that population cause the percentages to fall that far?


The most common type of blood group is "O" positive while the universal donor is "O" negative. The most rare group is "AB" negative and the universal receiver is "AB" Positive.


In the United States, 37% of the population has type O+ blood, making it the most common type. It's followed closely by A+, with 34%.


The most common blood type is O positiv 38.4% of tthe world the second one is A, the thirdone is B and last one is AB.


Type 'O' blood is the most common. It is also the universal donor.


"O" positive is the most common blood time universally