Name the top 3 things that the mind and a computer have in common?

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I will be particular for this question. The top 3 things that the mind and a computer have in common.

Both the mind and the computer have memories. Our mind stores information and the computer works in a similar way. The same computer can run on different programs and the same human mind can also perform different kinds of behaviour. Both store their programs in a long term memory until needed.

The computer virus is much like the human virus. They have the ability to replicate and to recognize a hostile or friendly environment. Both are capable of infecting others unless defenses are made to counteract their effects.

The operating system of the computer resembles that of the human mind. The OS is stored in the permanent computer chips while that of human, the brain controls the operation of the human body. But then, the human mind always exceeds the capability of the computer. We are just comparing the two for a possible answer to the query.


1. They both need to be "defragged". This happens for the brain in dream and rest time.

2. They both use the simple calculations of units to represent reasoning (not taught rules of math) by induction and deduction to solve logical solutions.

3. The brain and the motherboard is a type of circuit. The brain of coarse is immeasurably more complex, but it is still a network of firing synapses of basic yes and no commands, similar to ones and zeros, to come together to make an immensely brilliant thinking process.

If you were to ask me how they are different, I could still come up with much more answers than to how they are alike. Yet, there is definitely haunting similarities between a manmade emotionless artificial computer and a organic and self aware brain of a emotional being.


The three things that the mind and the computer have in common include:

1. Both the mind and the computer can be used to store information. They both have a certain storage which can store information for future references.

2. Both of them are capable of processing and executing complex tasks. One of these tasks is the processing and solving of simple and complex mathematical problems.

3. Both of them are susceptible to problems that can impede there smooth operation. The mind could be subjected to fatigue and diseases while the computer's operations can be obstructed by computer viruses.


1 The mind like the computer can perform complex processing and follow instructions and procedures

2 The mind has various types of storage for short and long term memories

3 The mind takes input via the senses from the outside world and can communicate just like the computer takes input from the mouse, keyboard and can communicate via network cable.


The top 3 things that the mind and computer have in common are:

1. Thinking Power
2. Versatility
3. Capacity.

I hope they are some common things between a Mind and a Computer.

Thanks for asking your question.


1. They are capably of learning and have both short term and longer term memory.
2. They process large amounts of information from a variety of sources.
3. They run programs in the foreground and the background.