How much does a normal humanbeing use his brain

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Brain is the most important part in the body

There is a general consensus that we only use a fraction of our brain. Most experts say less than 10%. I find this encouraging. The brain seems to be like any other part of the body; the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

It has been shown that taxi-drivers in large cities have a larger hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls the memory) than the rest of us. This is because they have to remember all the thousands or roads and routes. Their memory gets exercised and it expands.

Many people fear that their ability to think will diminish with age. This is not the case. The small number of cells that are lost is inconsequential when compared to the unused capacity and the opportunity to improve brain function through practice and improved techniques.

Most people are aware that there are techniques to improve memory. There are also techniques to improve other functions such as creativity. I'll give you a simple example. One of the standard tests for creativity, is to think of as many alternative uses for a coat-hanger as you can within one minute. Try it...

Most people come up with less than ten. If you get much more than ten then you are considered extremely creative. Try it again but this time use association. Think of the alphabet you learned as a child, A is for Apple, B is for Boat etc. This time try to think of a use associated with these words. You will be able to think of something for almost every letter.

Not all of the ideas you had will be good but the use of association freed your mind and increased your creativity.

If you're interested in the untapped capacity of the brain I recommend the many books that Tony Buzan and Edward De Bono have written on the subject.


I don't have any spare parts in my brain that I am saving for a special occasion, and neither does anyone else. All parts of the brain are used by people, although some parts are used for one thing and other parts for other things, so the use at any one time might vary considerably.

It is true that 90% of the brain is composed of glial cells, whose function is mainly to support the neurons, which are considered the "thinking and acting" part of the brain, and the glial cells do not send signals elsewhere. However, part of the brain is also arterial and venous, which ensure the brain's blood supply, and is essential too, although it doesn't "think".

So the correct answer is people use 100% of their brains normally. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=people-only-use-10-pe rcent-of-brain


Some scientists and doctors(neurologists) say that we use only 10% of our mind, or brain. well how they recognized this fact ,if it is really a fact, i dont know...
but what i am sure of is that our brain is like sponge , the more u give it the more it takes , as pouring water to a sponge.

so the fact is that we use only a little bit of our brain's ability is a fact, but how much , now this is a question that only can be answered when we know the ultimate and optimal ability of our brain.


We use 10% of our brain is all we use that is what the experts say. That is how come I try to be real careful with mine. If I lose say 1% I would be in big trouble there is only 9% more I made good grades in math my English grade was always bad but I got As in math lol god bless my little 10% of brain


We are using approximately 10% of our brain at all times. However, the 10% that is in use is constantly changing depending on our reaction to external senses and our thinking process so in reality we use all 100%.


Normal people use only 3% and scientist use 7% of the brain capacity..


A NORMAL human being uses his brain...how much?no body knows :)


An average person uses only 5 % of his brain