Does curly hair take longer than straight hair to grow?

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I'm naturally curly but fry my hair with a flat iron cause it's more manageable and shiny but it feels like it takes SO LONG to grow. I'm wondering if straight hair grows faster?

Hair is hair. Just like no 2 people are same, hair growth varies from individual to individual. However this does not mean that straight hair grows faster than curly hair. It is just a deceptive appearance. Infact curly hair is "curly" it looks short or takes longer to grow. For instance take a strand of 6inch of straight hair and a 6inch of curly hair - the straight hair strand is longer than the curly hair but curly hair occupies more space width wise than lengthwise.

I ve heard of electric and warm etc hair straighteners. Using them occasioanky is just about ok but regular usage can damage hair and hair follicles likewise some hair dyes especially chemical dyes generate excess heat and destroy hair quality and hair follicle. No matter what the dye box says a chemical is a chemical and over usage is going to have its consequences.

Thanks for asking.


No, it just appears that way. All hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. The reason it looks like your hair is not growing could be two reasons. The curl is being deceptive and bounces up so it grew but just doesn't look as significant as straight hair. The second cause could be that curly hair is generally very fine hair. Fine hair does not have the same strength as a thick coarse hair, just like rope. So it can be more fragile and the ends will break off.
Most of my clients with curly hair would take an 1/8 of an inch every six weeks. For straight hair you can afford 1/4 inch. This leaves healthier hair while still being able to obtain the goal of growing it.:)


Not exactly. It depends on the person how fast hair grows, not so much the texture. However, hair that grows curly may appear to be growing slower than hair that grows straight just due to the fact that curly hair is curled. This means it appears shorter because it is curled up and it takes more length to make the curls in the hair, but when you actually pull the curled hair straight, it is longer than it appears.

My friend has very curly frizzy hair that does not look very long, until she straightens it. Since the hair is no longer scrunched up it hangs down longer.


Texture doesn't affect the growth rate. However, damaging your hair with flat irons could definitely be causing a problem. Flat ironing curly hair often causes a LOT of breakage, take it from a fellow curly girl. I used to flat iron my hair every day, and it was very unhealthy. I'm sure you hear it enough, but you really should just embrace your curls! I've stopped using styling tools on mine, and instead I just use a curl cream. I get so many compliments when my hair is natural. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!


Curly hair actually grows at the same rate as straight hair, the reason you find that your hair is not growing is because you are constantly damaging it with heat. Are you using heat protectants? If you are wanting your hair to grow longer I would suggest at least doing weekly deep conditioning treatments. And if you would rather just have straight hair you should use a heat protect so you do not damage it more.


You should be careful when using a flat iron because it can cause a huge damage to your hair. It's irreversible and the only thing you can do is to cut your hair. Only use it occasionally, not every day and you'll notice it grows faster in no time.