Can people really communicate telepathically?

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Is "mental telepathy" a myth, or is it really possible for some people to communicate through thought energy...that is, without the need for words, gestures, facial or other expressions? What do YOU think? What does it take to make it happen, if you think it's real?

Hello Seasur19

I have to admit, I don't normally believe in much in the way of the paranormal, although as with all things I have no issue with listening, observing, discussing or arguing for either side of the debate. I also tend to steer clear from just making proclamations like I do NOT believe in "so and so", and then letting the statement or idea guide me from that point forward. I do see quite a few people that tend to do this, (I don't mean in here.). I purposely try to reverse the order of the two and alter my statements, allowing my beliefs to freely change in whatever way I feel is right at any given time, I'm not forced by my prior stated beliefs. So what I'm saying is I may change my mind in part or fully next week, or I may always believe as I do right now. Personally I think that that is the so called "healthiest" way to approach such concepts.

That said, I tend to look for proof before truly accepting something as a real phenomena. That might arguably be my ultimate downfall, if such things are truly not possible to be proven from "within" our existence, but a similar counterargument may be that if I allow one uncertain concept to be instilled in my belief system, then the methodical nature of science is fundamentally altered, at least as perceived by my perspective, and there would be nothing stopping me from basing anything I do off of this and any other idea I happen to CHOOSE to allow in my mental construct of what life is and is not. The next thing you know I might believe that everyone is out to get me as well! This could lead to disastrous consequences.

While I truly think that the whole snowball effect, I just used to justify part of my purposes for what I believe, is blown way out of proportion in many cases, and is not that common of a guiding force in all but the most extreme cases, it is still in my opinion bad practice. If I am writing a description of something for other people to use as a source of information, I think backing it up with a solid group of sources of my own is just as important as my own work that is contributed to the writing. And I prefer to guard my mind as the ultimate (and only) knowledge-base for me It's the only thing that I can be sure was held to whatever my standard is, most generally speaking that's science. But I do have exceptions, such as I am a long time musician, and I choose not to learn much music theory. I have to admit, even this is partially based on science in a way, since anyone I have ever played with, that have take the step of going to school and learning the full science of the subject, never really sound the same again (to me it is a drastic turn toward the unnatural, and forced sound of music. So I guess you could say I'm not fully secured to a foundation of absolutes.

Still I'll return to fact, the US government as well as most likely just about all the governments that are around today have done extensive tests trying to either prove the presence of telepathic communication and or precognition in humans or much more often to secretly harness any such power for various military purposes. Methodology ranges from repetition, selectively choosing "special" individuals, chemically induced states of consciousness, force, fear, and even torture. From the better part of the world preforming such secret operations for so long, the results can be summarized as nothing short of meaningless. Of course many people made tremendous predictions or listened in on conversations across the world, even influenced others decisions by suggestion alone, without ever knowing or seeing the person. Unfortunately the number of success cases in almost every single study judged solely on it's own merits, or the overall success as a whole is below the levels that would be expected to occur by nothing more than chance alone.

See, it's very important to properly judge such things in their correct context. If you test a group and one individual successfully reads another's exact thoughts, even word for word, 100 out of 100 times, it would make telepathy seem quite real, but if you learn that that was one out of 10 million people that were tested, with few getting more than one answer right, in the context of the test, the person does not even amount to a statistical anomaly! In other words, the sample size of 10 million logically predicts through statistics that at least one person would possibly get such a score before the test even began! Now, that does not mean that, in light of the fact that we know so little about such things, that the person should not be further evaluated, to determine if there is any possible significance ascertained from the overlapping of the same skills in the same individual in more than one test! It would be considered reckless behavior not to rule out this type of possibility in my opinion. It still places not more significance on the outcome of the initial test preformed!

Now, to brighten your day briefly at least. I can't quote any of the particulars, but at least three completely unaffiliated groups of independent researchers in a considerably more recent time (maybe ten years ago on average) preformed several interesting studies, each of which I read about in great detail at the time. They were trying to finally pin a definitive answer to some general telepathic-type questions, utilizing modern technology in ways previously not possible. One involved a computer that took in some form of input from people who were taking part in the study, and they simply tried to predict the result of a real coin toss, preformed by the computer (not a statistical program to represent a series of coin toss results, but actual coins being used in-front of the researcher and the test subject.) At the time it was the by far the largest test of it's kind, including the sample size of the test subject group, and the most test repetitions, both per person and overall! The test took somewhat around TEN YEARS to complete! This had nothing to do with delays or anything, but just the bottleneck of the time to toss so many coins, which I can't even recall a ballpark number for. During the course of the test, data was being analyzed as it was produced, and as expected it fluctuated quite a bit. As hypothesized, the researchers seemed to be showing little sign of straying from the expected values as years passed. Then when the last coin was finally tossed, and all the data collected and analyzed fully, the results did actually seem to predict some unknown force was at play, and the scientists reran every data point manually a second time, which astonishingly predicted that if all other external factors were correctly accounted for, which they worked very hard to ensure, that the test subjects were having either a type of precognition supply them with the correct answer before it might actually be possible to know such things, or the subjects were unknowingly preforming some type of telepathic communication or influence with the coin toss itself! The details of the actual outcome might not sound as significant, what I mean is that yes the people were able to predict more than 50% of the toss results correctly, and the truly import part is that all standard forms of analysis for statistical data predicted that the number of correct guesses surpassed the limits of being statistically significant, meaning that the consensus of the scientific community is that this could not be due to chance alone! Unfortunately the final results passed this threshold by an EXTREMELY small margin.

Ten years of research, and they're basically placed in a nearly identically uncomfortable position on the subject. Is there an extremely minute discrepancy in the statistical equations and charts, that have lead to the wrong conclusion, or have they proved the existence of this type of phenomenon? If they did, it would be nearly impossible to convince many people that an arbitrary limit proves anything! And even if this did not concern them, may there have been an oversight in their protocol? The best case scenario allowed them to state that a very infinitesimally tiny portion of either a population or each person in that population has a just above 50% chance of getting the correct answer! Lets say it was something like 50.00027% when averaged out across the study's entire population.

It was worse in many ways than a win or a failure. Personally, I think if the numbers have stood up to scrutiny up until the time of the test's completion, then they can only be accepted as accurate until other research shows otherwise, and magnitude is not a factor when analyzing data for significance. It's basically a true or false set of rules, and while the test may have been flawed in some way, the data predict the results, which were simply positive. To determine if the test was in fact problematic, requires others to be able to repeat the test and obtain similar results. This was a problem with an project of this size and expense! The next best thing ended up occurring as a result of this test. Two other research teams conducted very different, but still similar in their fundamental tested attribute. This actually seemed to be a better alternative, since similar results of the identical test original preformed would still be ambiguous in it's meaning for many people, so surely a total of three tests preformed independently and using different methods would help iron out any unnoticed wrinkles in the first procedure.

I think the two new studies were much shorter in duration, maybe a year or two each, but matched or surpassed the original parameters for significance. While I don't remember much of the details, I remember the most important part, the results. All three tests seemed to use different methods to make the same prediction, some type of telepathy seems to be present in some manifestation, and in all populations nearly equally too! The size barrier still is highly debated to this day, and may think that even factors like operator error due to internal bias, that they are completely unaware of, is a likely source, but many other theories exist,

To this day there is no definitive scientific answer to this question. (which I think is odd since all the tests both PROVED it DID exist with 100% certainty, as well as back up each others results, albeit indirectly!)

I am certain of one thing, there are a lot of things we do not understand, and may or may not be able to ever understand! This leads me to believe that maybe the results are absolutely correct, and such strange effects do occur. Unfortunately, it's much of the same part of my mind that also thinks there are many problems in current scientific fields, where definitions require altering as we learn more about this "place" all around us, and errors are often located many years or decades after the fact before being properly corrected, or discarded! How long was the world flat to our best knowledge? How long was Newtonian physics the undebatable, fundamental principle of nearly everything, before Einstein proved nearly every one of newton's laws invalid with one single concept?

I personally doubt the results as much as I doubt the equations that arrived at the results, at least for now. Additionally I can, at least in my mind, think of an acceptable way to explain most things that I have wondered about, to my own satisfaction. Some may not be mainstream but they seem feasible to me anyway. I can't imagine any way, at present, that fits this model for telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, and a few other's that are less related to this question. And I would love nothing more than to be able to predict some way for such a thing to fi ...


Yes, I do believe that people can communicate telepathically because of a recent experience. Our friend lost her dog. She and her husband live in very rural Canada and she let the two dogs out for just a moment. One returned and Thalie was gone, like she had vanished. By that evening, I received an email from her asking if her microchip was also a GPS locator. The days wore on with our friend in such agony. We suggested the pet finder services that send robo calls to everyone in your area, our friend put up flyers everywhere, talked to all neighbors, the postman and there was nothing. Finally, my partner suggested an animal communicator. A what? Well, we were desperate to help our friend. So, we set up a phone call between Thom and our friend. Little did we know that our friend, being French Canadian, did not entirely understand what the phone call would be about. When they talked, Thom told her that Thalie had died. She had been chasing a fox and fell from a cliff. They are surrounded by forest. He described the area and the tree she was under. And, indeed, he was right.
If a person can communicate with an animal in the spiritual realm then I would think telepathy would be a snap.
Quicke72 ...


Hey, all...thanks for your responses to this nebulous question. I can't say I've ever had direct experiences with the paranormal, but I know some people who tell of such experiences happening to them.

I believe telepathic communication is possible. I've read many alleged accounts of real-life experiences, watched videos of people who claim some paranormal scenarios, and sometimes I think some people use this without even realizing it.

It's likely that actual 'telepathic communication' would have to happen in another "realm"...another dimension of our consciousness...where we recognize things on a higher level of understanding. Such states of mind are not generally easy to attain "on demand", as some have alluded to, so it's probably not going to become 'mainstream' anytime soon, y'know?

I'm just sayin'...
Thanks again!


I believe that it is possible to communicate telepathically, but only occasionally, and that most people find it difficult to do it with intention.

Sometimes, people seem to pick up an emotion or thought from a loved one, even if that loved one is no where near them at the time. That is why some people have insisted that they knew the moment a loved one was seriously injured or killed. Even with experiences that are less traumatic, people who haven't communicated with each other in ages may both pick up the phone to call one another at exactly the same moment.

While I have never personally known of someone who communicated actual words to another person, I have known of incidents like the ones mentioned above. I think that often we are linked to other people in ways that we don't even fully understand.


The government is doing a lot of studies with people who seem to be very telepathic, however when it comes to actually reading someone's mind it falls short. The mind set is more of an intuition or reading the person's body movements or behavior than actually reading the mind. There have been numerous people throughout the century who have tried to prove someone to have telepathic communication with someone else, with no success. However, just because science says it can't be proven with instruments and a recording of it, doesn't mean that there isn't at least a few people out there that can do it.


I think there is a major problem with telepathy. You need to figure out if the information came from an outside source or from yourself. People usually have a lot of thoughts going through their mind. I doubt the thoughts you would get from other people would sound like their voice. You would need to quiet your mind and not have any expectations.

There may be a chance it is possible but I have not experienced it. Meditation helps with things like intuition so you could try it. If it is possible you would probably need to practice meditation first and learn to control your own thoughts.


I really don't believe in telepathy. I don't believe in a lot of the things people come up with. Psychics, UFO's, aliens, ghost, big foot and many more things are just people's imagination and a way to add excitement. With all the science we have I think we would be able to test telepathy and as of right now there is no proof.


I don't think they can on demand anyway. If they could, the prize of $1 million offered by James Randi for evidence of the paranormal and other similar prizes would have been claimed.


It's a myth.