Are nails alive?

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Nails are not alive. It's the same as your hair, as both are made up of keratin secretions. Keratin is a protein and proteins are not cells and therefore not considered alive. The very base of your hair and your nails (the cuticle) are what's alive and contributes to the growing (more keratin being produced). This is why it doesn't hurt when you clip your nails. If you clip them too short though, the pain is caused by the tissue underneath the nails which is attached.


Nails are not alive for they are made up of dead cells.

Nails are normally made up of a secretion made up of keratin which is a protein.Nails are not made up of any living cells and that is why it does not hurt when we cut toe nails or finger nails.


No, they're mostly not alive. They are however connected to the tissue underneath, which is why it hurts if you accidentally rip it. They're similar to hair, where a new layer builds at the bottom and pushes out the old layer, making the nail grow.


At the cuticles they are I believe. The places where you can cut off without your nail hurting is the dead part.


No. If they were they'd receive bloodflow for nutrients.