How would you manufacture water?

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Water, H2O, is not chemically manufactured to any extent because there is simply too much of it already available in the form of surface, ground, and atmospheric moisture. Water can be made through chemical means but it is simply not cost effective to produce it this way when over 3/4th of the planet's surface is covered with the substance.

Water is one of the end products when an acid and base are combined and allowed to chemically react, so it can be made that way. The hydrogen fuel cells currently being developed as a power source for electric cars, also produce water through combining hydrogen and oxygen. In this case the hydrogen atoms are put through a process of oxidation to make them lose their electrons and become positively charged. The oxygen molecules undergo reduction causing them to gain electrons and become negatively charged. The positively charged hydrogen atoms combine with the negatively charged oxygen molecules to form water and energy in the form of electricity. The water leaves the car in the form of a waste gas.


In order to chemically manufacture water, you would need a method of combining Hydrogen and Oxygen at the atomic level. The chemical compound for water is 2 Hydrogen (H) atoms combined with 1 Oxygen (O) atom. The combination becomes H2O which is the chemical formula for water.

Chances are the easiest method to manufacture water, would be to take another compound that contains both many atoms of both Hydrogen, Oxygen, and some other element. You would then need to remove, either by burning or some other method, that other element so that the resulting elements would be combined Hydrogen and Oxygen fused together to make water.

Nobody has actually done this yet because water can be found in abundance on Earth. There is also no inexpensive way to do it. If there was, there would be no droughts because water could be manufactured and would solve the problem.


If you burn hydrogen, you will produce water. When a rocket burning hydrogen is launched, that pretty cloud of fluffy white "smoke" is water vapor.

Water that comes from the tap is not manufactured. It has the impurities processed out of it (or neutralized), or is used as it comes from the source. It can come from springs, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wells, precipitation collection, and the ocean. (I'm sure I am forgetting something else!) Water from the ocean or other saltwater body goes through a desalinization plant to make it drinkable. Here is a picture of one:
http://www.aurecongroup.com/en/projects/water/adelaide-desalination-pl ant.aspx


One way we can create water from the air was invented by Max Whisson, an Australian. He made the Whisson Windmill a machine that used chilled blades to collect water out of the atmosphere. He say that this windmill can collect just under 10,000 liters of water from the air per day. With how this machine works it could be used on any planet with water vapor in the atmosphere. There are a few other ways to make water but this is the most environmentally friendly way, that i know about.


Water is not manufuctured. It is taken from lakes and rivers and then just filtered and cleaned.
We have so much of it on Earth that we do not need manufucture it.

In the future we will somehow be able to remove salt from ocean water and that will make water available for African people.

Also ''making'' water would be very hard to do and it would be a huge burden economoly. Very expensive.


Well if you really want to manufacture water by yourself, then you can do that. Do you know hydrogen gas is combustible and burns in the presence of oxygen. In the laboratory in the presence of pure oxygen gas, when hydrogen is burnt then water vapour is produced which upon cooling becomes liquid water. This is the real method of manufacturing water.

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O