What is the smallest counrty in the world ?

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Geaographical size

The smallest country in the world is Sealand. Though not recognized by any United Nations countries, it is a 550 square meter platform in the North Sea (Europe). Picture below.

The smallest country that is recognized by UN countries is the Vatican State, placed centrally in Rome, the capital of Italy. This is where the Pope is working and living. The area is 0,44 square kilometres (equals 440.000 square metres). In comparison, USA is 9.629.091 square kilometres.

Bonus info: The current Pope has recently declared that he will resign. This is the first time in 600 years a pope resigns instead of staying in the job till he dies. Now the Vatican will start the procedure of finding a new pope, and the current one will move to another (nice) area within the Vatican state.


Technically speaking, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, with an area of just 0.44 square kilometers, and a population of only about 800 people. However I wouldn't really consider Vatican its own country, but rather a religious organization.

Monaco on the other hand, does qualify as a country. Monaco has a size of 1.96 square kilometers, and a population of 36,000 people.


Monaco is the smallest country in the world at a size of only 489 total acres. Monaco is in western Europe, located along what is known as the French Riviera. It's governed by a King. The official language is French. It's an oil rich country known around the world for catering to the rich and famous, gambling and Formula 1 car racing.


The smallest official country in the world is Vatican City with a land mass of only 0.17 square miles. It is a walled enclave within Italy. The country is so small you can get a panoramic photo of the entire country from the top of St. Peter's Basilica. It is home to 800 residents within a 110 acre area.


Yes of course! The answers posted by Darine46 Chosen60 and Actame23 are correct. There is no other country smaller than Vatican City. The smallest country of the world is Vatican city with area of 0.44 squire kilometer. Really i have great interest to visit this world's smallest country.


Vatican City is the smallest generally-recognized sovereign country in the world, with a total area less than 1 square mile.


The Vatican at 0.44 square km