What is the most populated city in the world?

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Do you know what are the most highly populated cities in the world? are they the cities from China or India?

If the selection criteria is population within the recognized metropolitan area and if it include s
people living in the immediate surrounding area outside of the established border of the city, then according to World Atlas(2010), the most populated city in the world is Tokyo, Japan with a total population of 32,450,000.

If the selection is based on only the urban area of the city, not it's outskirt, then the most populated city in the world is Karachi, Pakistan with a total population of 15,500,000 ( According to the survey, "The world?s largest Cities and their Mayors" by City Mayors 2011).

If the selction is based on population density of a proper city, not the metropolitan area, then the most populated city in the world is Dhaka in Bangladesh. This city has a population density of 46,000 people per square kilometer.

And in last line of your question, you mentioned about India & China. So, I would like to add that in the current ranking by City Mayors in 2011, four cities from these two countries lead the table with 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th postions (1st postion is obviously occupied by Karachi, Pakistan). These cities are:
2 Shanghai, China 14,900,000
3 Mumbai (Bombay), India 13,900,000
4 BEIJING, China 12,460,000
5 DELHI, India 12,100,000


In the US 9,857 people per square mile, Washington DC is the most populated state.
In the US the most populated city is 70,951 people per square mile NYC

In the Status of Countries:
Mongolia is the world's least densely populated country with only 4.3 people per square
Monaco has a density of almost 43,000 people per square mile

As far as cities in the world....

The most densely populated city according to Guinness World Records 340000 people square mile is Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

Tokyo, Japan only has 14339 people per square mile.

Overall the planet is about 105 people per square mile
The worlds population is 6.8 billion over half of the Earth's land mass consists of areas inhospitable to human in habitation.


In terms of population, the top 10 cities are:

1 Tokyo, Japan 32.5 million
2 Seoul, South Korea 20.6 million
3 Mexico City, Mexico 20.5 million
4 New York, USA 19.8million
5 Mumbai, India 19.2 million
6 Jakarta, Indonesia 18.9 million
7 Sao Paulo, Brazil 18.9 million
8 Delhi, India 18.7 million
9 Osaka/Kobe, Japan 17.4 million
10 Shanghai, China 16.7 million

In 14th place is Moscow with a population of 15 million
London, England is in 18th place with a population of 12.9 million


Worlds most populated City is Tokyo, Japan with estimated population over 34.4 million followed by Jakarta, Indonesia with estimated population of around 21.8 million. The city of New York in USA is third in rank with estimated population around 20 million.


Most of people thinks, that it is Mexico City,but the true is it is Tokyo with 35 millions of people.It consists of 23 municipality with their mayors.


Tokyo, Japan is the most populated city in the world with 34,000,00 inhabitants.


Shanghai in china is the most populated city