Is singapore in china or japan?

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i need answers for this question: is singapore in china or japan?, please. regards

Singapore is not in Japan or China, actually it is quite far away from both of them.

The name Singapore comes from an expression that means "Lion City", and it is an Asian state that is located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is now known as the Republic of Singapore, an island state, separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor.

During WW2 it was a British possession and fell to the Japanese during the Battle of Singapore in 1942. It is now considered a high income state.


Hello Foreve10 and thanks for asking. Both of the countries you have mentioned above be it Japan, Singapore and China are all located in the Asian continent.Singapore is just another country just like Japan and China are. She has her own government and therefore does what he thinks is the best.

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Singapore is a city state located just south of the malay peninsula.It is neither in China nor Japan.However,the Chinese are the predominant ethnic group in Singapore.It has a very high per capita income with one of the world's largest ports,a very skilled population and an excellent business climate.


Singapore lies neither in China nor in Japan.
Actually it doesn't even lie close to both of them.
Singapore is a city state - it is it's own country.
Singapore lies between Malaysia and Indonesia!


Singapore although is a very small country but it is surely a country.
And as we all know a country can never lie in another country ,hence Singapore lies neither in China nor in Japan.


Singapore is independent of both China or Japan. It is actually a small city & country that lies just south of Malaysia