Is Portugal in Spain?

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hi friends i have a question: is portugal in spain?, please. thanks in advance

Portugal is a different country, and it has a very different culture.
People in Portugal don't like to be mistaken for Spaniards, for there is a bit of a rivalry between the two countries.

There even exists an idiom that goes like this:"De Espanha, nem bom vento nem bom casamento." It means "From Spain, nor a good wind, nor a good marriage". It refers to the fact that when the wind comes from Spain, there will be bad weather and to a marriage gone wrong with a Spanish spouse. It suggests that nothing good comes from Spain.

Please also note that this is nothing really serious, there is no hate. It is just a traditional rivalry. For example when a Portuguese person invents a joke where there is a person who loses in the joke, that person will probably be a Spaniard.


Well, at least you have asked. Lots of people think Portugal belongs to Spain, but it is wrong. Portugal territory was part of Spain, but it has won the independence in 1143. And portuguese people, normally don't like that mistake, of course. For us, is almoast like saying (for example) is United States in Canada. I think you get the point. For me, I think you made a nice question, that way more people will know.


Portugal is on the Iberian peninsula which includes Spain as well. Between 1580 and 1640 the King of Spain was also the King of Portugal, although the country remained independent of Spain.


Portugal in a european country in it's own right, the capital of which is Lisbon. I can understand the confusion between Portugal and Spain as they share a common border.


No Portugal is not in Spain. These are two different countries, but they are neighbours.


Portugal is a country itself so no it is not in Spain. It does border Spain to the west.


No, Portugal is a separate country, but is located next to Spain.


Protugal is a seperate country laid in west to the Spain


No, it borders Spain.