Google Street View

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Do you use Google Street View and do you find it entertaining for looking at places which you haven't been for decades or for viewing places which you would like to visit?

Google street view is great for finding places that you are going to travel to. Only the other day I folloowed the little orange man to a Premier Inn so I would recognise it when I got there.

I wanted to visit Joshua Tree off the IS10 when I was in California. I checked out the road on Google street view and decided it wasn't quite as scenic a drive as I had hoped!

Conversely, I spent a day researching my short upcoming trip to Washington DC....when I arrived I seemed to have deja-vu! I knew exactly where to go and where each monument was in relation to each other. My local friend driving me round couldn't believe that I seemed so familiar with the roads!
I felt very comfortable knowing my bearings before being there.

....And yes I have been back to visit childhood haunts, and where my mum was born..

The whole concept of 'orange-man' is so useful for knowing about a place before arriving.
And for fun, I have even 'been' to Hawaii and the South African Kruger Park (in my Google dreams) and visited the extraordinary views of the remote Chagos Islands - DIego Garcia in the Indian Ocean (photos only) - take a look!


Google Street View is one of the sites I use quite a bit. I've looked up every place I lived and how it's changed since I left. I've also used it to see what cities look like that I'll never travel to, like in South Africa and Australia (I live in the U.S.) When I read news stories, if an address is given I can look up what the area looks like where the events took place.

I've seen lists like poorest cities, richest cities, most dangerous neighborhoods, and used Street View because I was just curious what these areas looked like. And finally, one that's actually useful, I'm thinking about moving to a new city in the next year or so and I have been looking up apartments then using Street View to see what they look like, and just checking out what different areas of the cities are like.

Street View is great for all these purposes because it would be prohibitively expensive to travel to each of these locations. Almost no one 20 years ago has seen as many places in a lifetime as one can see in a week or a month on Street View.


I use Google Streetview whenever I'm planning to travel somewhere new. I find it particularly useful for planning routes, since you can see features like pedestrian road crossings that don't necessarily show up clearly on maps or satellite images. I also look for landmarks which I can use to check I'm going in the right direction when I'm actually walking the route, although as the Streetview images get older this occasionally backfires as shops change their name or buildings are pulled down and rebuilt.

I don't often use Streetview to look at other places that I'm not actively planning to visit. Lots of the places I go on holiday aren't on Streetview yet (or weren't the last time I checked). I do occasionally use it to look at places that friends in other parts of the country tell me about, although again this often isn't useful because lots of the images of the UK are several years out of date.


I love using Google Maps Streetview. I find it interesting to see what has changed in my hometown over the years. I also enjoy trying to locate places that I have visited in my life, its a fun activity.

Sometimes I will have a virtual "scavenger hunt", trying to locate places that I have heard about on television and movies. Its a great way to pass time.


I love Google Street view! I don't use it very often (although I'm sure to hit it as soon as I hit submit here)!

I like it because we sold our old's cutlass super 88 pink rad car to an old neighbor and when we put in our old address we can still see our much loved pink car. It's very cool.


Yes I love doing that. It was especially helpful when we were looking for a house as we could look at the neighborhood without going there.