You prefer gold or diamond?

8 Answers

This question is like asking whether I prefer steak or ice cream. Each serves a different purpose. To make a meal you need a main course and a desert; to make a ring you need metal and a gemstone. Gold is the perfect metal and diamond the perfect gemstone.

For investment purposes, I prefer gold. Gold can be sold easily, it can be divided into smaller parts and its value is easy to determine and readily accepted by many buyers. Diamond cannot be sold easily and its value is highly subjective. However, diamond is more valuable for its size than gold, so a huge amount of value can be hidden easily within a diamond. To invest in diamonds, you need to have a great deal of specialist knowledge and a huge amount of money.

From an aesthetic point of view, both are equally beautiful. Gold has a unique color and its heaviness is fascinating. Diamond has a deceptive simplicity. I could study both for hours and still have questions.


My birthstone is diamond and you would think I would prefer this stone. I am a person that likes color and even though diamonds have value, I much prefer a colored gemstone. I am partial to emerald and have a gorgeous emerald set in 18k gold. The rich gold color really looks beautiful with the emerald. When I bought the ring the sales person asked if I was sure I only wanted a ring with an emerald without any diamonds in the setting. My answer was yes as I did not see any rings with both that was as striking as the one I purchased. Colored gems have so much more intrigue to me than diamonds.

I like gold because the warm color looks good against my skin. I don't buy it for investment purposes but just for the beauty of wearing it. It is durable for everyday wear and can really add class to a simple outfit. Given a choice of receiving a diamond or a piece of gold, gold would be my choice.


I do not have any diamond with me hence it's very expensive. But we have some gold. However I like the diamonds hence it's much worthy than the gold. Also I do not say no to gold either. But personally I do not like these things much. But my wife and daughter likes them and I can understand that.

I just like them to have as a value of money and nothing more than that. I would rather prefer to have a land, house or even a car hence that would be much useful than the diamond or gold. But generally the women loves the gold and diamonds and that is one of their natures I think.

If I have much diamonds and gold then I would prefer to sell them and buy some immovable properties for the future benefit of my family. However I do not say that gold and diamond also not useful for my family's future benefit.


I don't care for gemstone at all mainly because I don't like having wearing a jewelry that has the gemstone sticking out. First, It bugs me when I can feel it. Second, when it falls of for whatever reason, it just looks bad. I don't even wear my wedding ring because the diamond stone is sticking out in the middle. If it's all lined up perfectly without one actually sticks out more than the other, then sure,I'd go for diamond. Otherwise, I'd stick with gold. White gold that is. I like white gold more because it can easily be mistaken as silver so it's safe to wear anywhere I want without having to worry that I might get mugged.


I prefer white gold AND diamonds, together, in one big lovely combination of expensive jewellery. Haha!
No, honestly, as other people have said they are two completely different things and so difficult to make a real decision over which I would prefer. I couldn't just have a diamond without it being attached to some kind of precious metal. I also prefer my precious metal to come complete with diamonds.


Actually, I prefer diamonds surrounded by gold! Gold by itself doesn't excite me--a gold necklace or bracelet without a gemstone, or several stones set in it, is not that desirable for me.

When it comes to wearing metal without gemstones, I prefer sterling silver. Although I know that gold has more value, I don't buy a piece of jewelry as an investment; I wear it.


I appreciate both gold and diamonds. Both are wonderful creations of God and are very beautiful. However, I very rarely wear either gold or diamond jewelry. I don't own very much, and am always afraid that I will lose what I'm wearing! It's safe to say that I am more of a silver and turquoise type of person.


Gold has practical uses in electronics, while the only use diamond has is for its hardness. Industrial diamonds are just as hard if not harder than natural diamonds, which otherwise serve no practical purpose.