Rare rocks and minerals that are used in jewelry?

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please collaborators i have a question about: rare rocks and minerals that are used in jewelry?,please quickly, thanks

Some of the rarest minerals used for jewelry or collected are ones most of us have never heard of and could not afford even if we did. They are rare because they are only found in certain places and in very limited amounts. They are:

Jadeite-Best gem quality is only found in Myanmar. The transparent, intense green color is are and most sought after. It sells for around $3 million a carat.
Red diamond-These are found mostly in the Argyle mines of Australia. Very few are produced a year and rarely more than 1/2 carat stones will result. They are $2 million a carat.
Serenbite-This is found mostly in Myanmar and the unusual combination of calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, boron and oxygen gives it a beautiful blue/green color. $2 million a carat is average.
Blue Garnet-Garnets come in so many colors but blue is very rare. The high vanadium content gives the stone color changing properties from blue green to deep purple. It brings about $1.5 million a carat.
Painite-This is a borate mineral found in N. Myanmar and the color range is brown/red to orange/red. You would pay around $60,000 per carat.

Other rare stones include:
Musgravite from S. Australia in olive green to grey purple
Bixbite-red to raspberry red beryl from Utah mines.
Black Opal-found in Lightening Ridge, Australia
Jeremejevite-Nambibia is the only place gem quality stones are found. They are light blue to purple blue.


There are so many stones and minerals that are, or COULD BE, used in jewelry, it is really tough to give a comprehensive answer. Many jewelry stones are quite valuable, but not that rare, diamond, emerald and ruby for instance. Other stones, like Alexandrite, are fairly rare and at the same time quite valuable. Many extremely rare and beautiful stones are not used in jewelry because they are too soft to hold up to jewelry use.

Chatoyancy is a relatively rare phenomenon in minerals, and most, though not all, are valuable. Star rubies and sapphires are quite rare, and some are priceless, because the mines and placers of Sri Lanka and India are pretty much played out. No other major source has been found. Star quartz, moonstone, pearl, some shell, and tigereye display this trait, but are fairly inexpensive. One of the rarer chatoyant stones made into jewelry is Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, a beautiful and very expensive stone.

The list of stones that have been used in jewelry is nearly endless. Some are very rare, some very valuable, many merely keepsakes or fetishes. Some raw gemstones may be found with a pan in a stream near your home. If you're interested in stones for jewelry, I suggest you start by finding a good book on colored gemstones, or mineral collecting. You will find it fascinating.


Most minerals used in jewelry are fairly rare, but the definition of rare is variable. Some minerals are abundant, but the quality is not sufficient to use them in jewelry. Do they count as 'rare minerals', because there is only a small amount in a quality good enough to use for jewelry?

Some minerals (like Tanzanite) are only found in one country (Tanzania) and by the sound of it, the amount available is very limited.

Charoite is also only found in one country (Russia), but there seems to be enough of it even though no one knows exactly how much.

There are lots of variables deciding whether a gemstone is rare, so your question is not that easy to answer.


There are way to many precious and semi-precious gem stones that are used in jewelry to be listed here, but I'll list my top 10 favorites. These are the stones that I find most beautiful and this information won't do them justice unless you look up a picture of them.

1-Amber: fossilized resin of pine trees.
2-Amethyst: most precious type of quartz.
3-Onyx: black form of quartz.
4-Opal: very delicate gemstone.
5-Peanut Wood: a variety of petrified wood.
7-Bloodstone: green gemstone dotted with red.
9-Coral: found in a range of warm reddish-pink colors.
10-Star Garnet: rare garnet found only in Idaho and India.


Rare rocks and minerals used in jewelry:
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tourmaline, tanzanite.


Quartz and pearl are wonderful minerals used in jewelries