Bug in bedroom!

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I took a picture so that you can see the bug and captured one alive. I have seen this bug in my bedroom and in the bathroom for a bit. I would see this bug about once a month. Today I saw two in my room (and I hope the number is not increasing)! The only place I ever found them was on the walls. I never saw them in any other place. I don't know where they come from. My room is a little messy (like it always was) and I do vacuum it occasionally, but it is not filthy or anything. I hope these are not bed bugs as I have never seen one before. I looked at my bed but saw no signs of bugs there. My mattress is pure white with no stains or holes of any sort. I don't know what to do and I CANNOT stand bugs! If you know the name of this bug or have an idea of what to do PLEASE let me know!

It is not the bed bug dear,
I am having them sometimes around my kitchen and firstly when I saw them I was freaked out because I hate bugs. But they still don't sound like bed bugs,You can spray some bug killer in your home for once and I'm sure you will get rid of them.
Another thing which I have noticed that they are not sticking like bugs(Like the bed bugs are).
they are light feathered bugs which are too sensitive towards human touch, if you will try to touch they will move far rapidly,so I don't think that they are interested to bite human beings unless you harm them. But of course bugs are bugs. So beware and do spray some bug poison in your home.


It is really hard to tell from that picture. It doesn't look like a bed bug to me. I think they have rounder bodies and shorter antennae.

It looks like a fairly ordinary beetle. If it is a generic outdoor ground beetle, they are probably just more active from it being spring and a couple have wandered inside. They are harmless and many are actually predators that eat other insects so you can think of them as small helpful pets.

Some beetles, however, are pantry pests - as in they eat foodstuffs - especially things like pastas and flour. You might want to check your pantry just to make sure. Pet food as well, if you have it.

It doesn't look like it to me, but I suppose it is also possible that it is some variety of roach.


There are other ways than just looking at the bug to find out if you have bed bugs. I had a man come to look at the last apartment I lived in to see if there were any bed bugs there. He checked all around the room and the bed and behind the bed.

I made it a point to ask him how would someone know if they have bed bugs. He explained to me. You will see on your sheets especially at the creases there will be spots of blood. They will be very small and there will be a lot of them. Just little red dots in the edges of your sheets. Check your sheets and if you are not itching, I would say you do not have a problem with bed bugs.


Just looking at your picture is freaking me out. I am not too fond of bugs, either. Your photo is a little difficult to see but it does look like a bedbug. I am including a link with bedbug pictures. The one you posted looks like the second one, the one on the finger, on the site. http://www.picturesofbedbugs.org/

Holy smoke, I just went back to that website to view those pictures again and they have changed the photos. If you really want to be grossed out go back and look now. I feel like I have things crawling on me simply from looking. Gosh I don't like those bugs!


Your picture is not very clear. By looking at it, it could be a rolly polly, or a beetle. It does look more like a beetle; I would not be too scared. It doesn?t look like it will bite. However, if this bug is running around, there may be more.
If this bug annoys you, then maybe you can get an exterminator to help you fix the problem. It is kind of strange that you do not see it very often.
How did you catch it? It looks really small. I hope you do not have any more bugs creeping around. Good Luck.


In the mean time I will answer some of your questions. I couldn't get a clearer picture because if I get too close, the bug is blurry.
thank you for that link, but thannkfully it is not that specific bug. Mine is different.

Thank you for your responses so far.


The picture isn't very clear, and many beetles look alike. Unfortunately, this one does look a lot like a bed bug. Have you checked your bedding and mattress thoroughly to see if you find more? And can you perhaps get a clearer picture?


Oh I forgot the picture. Here it is.