Which is more elastic - steel or rubber

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More elastic

Basicalyy we need to know what is elasticity.
elasticity is the prperty in which the material regain its deformed shape to its original shape after when the load applied is removed. this can be clearly explained by stress vs strain graph.
from the below given graph we can analyse that when a load is applied to material an internal stress is induced. for each unit of stress in an unit area there will be deformation which is termed as strain.
so as when the material gets deformed to an yeild point which is the limit point for the body to reach its original shape when unloaded. when an excess load is applied to this material in yeild point it lost its elasticity. so when we calculate the stress / strain at this yeild point we will get the yeild stress in which we denote as modulus of elasticity.

as per the above question the modulus of elasticity of steel is greater than modulus of elasticity of rubber.
which implies that steel hs a greater tendency to regain its shape when unloaded when we compare it to rubber.
The modulus of elasticity is denoted by E
E for steel is 200gpa
E for rubber is 0.01 to 0.1 gpa
the above data gives a strong support to the fact
In the below graph the blue curve indicates steel and the red curve indicates rubber


The elasticity of any substance can be measured by their coefficients of elasticity. In the case of rubber and steel, we consider Young's Modulus of Elasticity.

Young's Modulus of Elasticity is simply the ratio between Stress and Strain. It means: Higher the stress the material can withstand, higher its elasticity (for the same elongation or stress). Now its obvious that steel can withstand high stress (have you seen buildings and bridges made of rubber?). So the stress the steel can withstand is greater.

This is also why rubber breaks at some point if it is continuously stretched. Try this with a rubber band and compare it with a paper clip of the same length and size.. which breaks earlier for the same force? Surely the rubber. It means that the paper clip (commonly made of steels) can withstand more stress.

So, as the elasticity is directly proportional to the stress and as the stress for steel is greater, ultimately, the Elasticity of Steel is more than that of Rubber.

Short n' sweet answer to this questions: Steel is more elastic than rubber.


An elastic substance has the ability to quickly attain its original shape if it is stretched.

Steel has greater potential of attaining its original shape than rubber, therefore steel is considered to be more elastic than rubber.


Steel is more Elastic than Rubber. The higher the stress the material can with stand the more elastic the material is
The simple example is that your car Tyre is more elastic than rubber bands and both are made from rubber.


In general we think elasticity is some terms related to rubbers but its not the fact . steel is more elastic than rubber because steel has much higher deforming property than that of rubber


Rubber is more elastic than steel, elasticity is the factor by which a material regains its original state after the deforming force is removed:-)


Steel is more elastic than rubber. For confirmation check the Youngs Modulus value of both.


Rubber as it can come to its original shape .


I think steel is more elastic than rubber.


Definately steel