What's the most brilliant invention?

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What's the most important device ever invented? The automobile? The internet? Or is it something else? What is the greatest invention with most significance for humanity in your opinion? Please elaborate and give reasons for your choice! Thank you for all of your responses in advance! Have an awesome day!

Electricity, automobile, airplane, medical devices to save people's life, they were and are, all fascinating discoveries at the given, specific times! I consider though, above all, Internet is the biggest discovery for the mankind on our times. It brings people together from all over the world, on different aspects of communicating their philosophies, beliefs, or just sharing personal thoughts and ideas ~ as in this site :-) More than this, the Internet became our "third hand", and, or, "second head", where we find everything that crosses our mind!
Thanks to the Internet I was able to discover Meditation websites for healing and relaxation, which are essentials for a good state of health. The Internet is helping and promoting any business, with the "speed of light"!
I consider the Internet the greatest invention of all times, for all the aspects of science, art, and humanitarian help and relationships. It is the greatest door to the mankind's communications!


The most brilliant and wonderful invention for mankind ever was surely THE BED, and including its ancillary components (e.g. the sheets, the pillows, the mattress and the blanket(s) which enable variations of temperature to be coped with in its utilisation.

Today virtually every one of us has one of this invention in our dwelling and we all individually make use of it nightly throughout our life, although in some cases an individual may borrow or hire another of the invention at some other location perhaps at a considerable distance from the dwelling in order to make use of when the one at their home is temporarily unavailable for use on a specific night or nights.

The invention has proved utterly vital to every individual's medical and mental health enabling that person to get adequate rest and to sleep when he or she needs to. If we did not have a bed, we would become excessively fatigued, would be unable to do any work of any sort unable to recover from any illness or physical disorder and would soon die. Had the bed never been invented humanity would have ceased to exist a long time ago. But it is also vital to medical health, such as being the most important equipment for utilisation in the curing of most ilnesses and diseases and including the carrying out of all kinds of surgery.

But the bed also is a key to not only the survival, but the capability of our specie to reproduce by enabling the male of the specie to copulate with the female of the specie, and thereby produce a new fetus which ultimately becomes a new baby, which can be male or female, which as soon as it has emerged from the womb of the female of the specie is placed in the invention (the bed), which enables it to grow, develop and rest as required, until such time as it has grown and matured to perform its function in its life, but then after further periods of use of the wonderful invention for relaxation and rrest, it will utilise the invention to reproduce more of the specie with the cooperation of a member of the opposite gender to itself.

But this wonderful invention can also bring very great enjoyment to all members of the specie, should they so choose, as an ideal location to practice and enjoy eroticism by themselves, which almost all members of the specie will make use of this brilliant invention, in most cases, very many times during their life on this planet. There is surely no other invention in the history of mankind that has given humanity so many incredible benefits, so much pleasure and enjoyment of use and has proved so essential to the life of every individual of the human specie at every age in its life on this Planet.


The lowly pencil gets my vote. The pencil made it possible to have a portable writing device that doesn't dry out and isn't as easy to break as a turkey feathers. It made hauling stone chisels obsolete. It allowed astronauts to write in space. It put writing utensils in the hands of millions of school kids increasing over all knowledge for all of mankind.

The pencil and later the pen as well made it possible for people all over the world to communicate. The pencil could be described as the precursor to our modern computers as they made the transfer of knowledge so much easier and helped spread all the ideas that fuel us today.

On another note should our modern technology ever take a nose dive it will be the pencil that will still be around keeping us afloat.


After spending 40 minutes trying desperately to pry the lid off a 10 liter paint tin the other day (with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers), I would have to say that simple little gadget with the little hook which you use to, well, take lids off tins of paint!

I'm sorry to say I don't know who was responsible but I could've happily kissed him! (And it only cost me 50c!)


Currency is the most brilliant invention. For people to assign value to and trade hard work and goods for something utterly worthless and controlled by the richest among us is really quite an accomplishment.


Electricity! it start on curiosity about lightning and the rest is history..