Would you choose to be immortal?

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According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, nanotechnology could have the capability of making people immortal by 2040. If his theory proved to be true, and you lived in that time frame, would you inject yourself with nanobots to live forever?

There is a limit to how long you should live. I think I will get very bored. Second thing if you become immortal then you will need to do plastic surgery again and again. You will lose interest in living by the age of 500. You will not have lust for money and other pleasure. You will see the meaninglessness of life. All your friends and relatives will die and you will need to make new friends again and again.

You will live with a huge burden of memory of all people who were dead. If you lost some physical part in accident then you will have to live with artificial parts. Your emotions will be dead even if you are alive. Life will become very boring and most probably you will become mad and there will be no escape.

Your grand children will have grand children and there will be no connection between you and them. There will be huge generation gap between you and them and they will get irritate of your presence. You will have to invent thousands of new ways to enjoy your life because sooner or latter you will get fade up.

If Ray Kurzweil's prediction become true then there will be a huge mob of sick immortal people living on this earth. The population will increase. Old people should go and make space for new generations. If you ask me then I will never choose to be immortal. To me immortality is like a punishment which never ends. If the criminals become immortal then soon the world will become hell. Power hungry people like Hitler and Mussolini will be first to become immortal humans.

Suppose some comet strikes the earth then only these immortal people will remain alive without any internet, Tv, computers and airplanes. There will be no entertainment.


Who wouldn't?As long as the nanites don't go all Generator Rex,who wouldn't want to live forever.I too want to see how the Earth will be in 3000 BC,how we will look like.I want to stay young,virile,active,able to support myself,with a sharp memory etc,all the benefits of being young,forever!.
The immediate problem that would arise is that of reproduction.Would we be the ones to stop reproducing or the generation after.Would we sterilise our own children or possibly,deport them to Mars due to overpopulation or should we be the ones to be sterilised or deported off planet.That would be a very sticky issue.
People would become paranoid of their safety and avoid any life risking event(like taking the elavator perhaps)The risk of dying from physical trauma would posses the masses with paranoia as even sharp building corners would be padded to avoid injury.Cars would be accident proof(sylvester stallone's Demolition Man).Stair edges would be rounded,knives and guns banned,The planet would become self obsessed!
Maybe it is not such a good idea...


Whether or not, I choose to be immortal depends on the state of the world, my emotional, financial and physical health and that of my loved ones. I would hate to see everyone I care about die, while I continue to live.

Also, if I am in poor health, constant pain or poor financial straits with no or little hope of recovery, I would not welcome immortaliy. If the world is at war or we are in an economical or physical depression, I would have to think twice about whether I would want to live forever.


Definetly I would inject the nanobots, but I am wondering what would happen if this technology available for everyone. The Earth would be overpopulated very soon, because less people would die. Maybe it leads to wars and food crisis, and people would start eat each other in order to survive. Who knows?


Immortality can be a curse. However I think I would do it. If somehow I lost the will to live eventually I could stop the nanobots or do something else to end my life. I do not know if I would want to live forever but I would like to try being immortal.


Hell no I wouldn't be immortal, I can't wait to die and escape the limitations of this feeble physical form. Into the cosmos and outward.


Not really! Would prefer having the ability of living a long life and the power when to end it