Why is silver the best electrical conductor?

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Out of the periodic table of elements, when you look at gold copper and silver, why does silver conduct electricity the best?

Now that everyone is in a tizzy, I figure I'll stir the pot some more. The best conductor of electricity is water. When talking about wiring or wire the best is copper. Remember everything is based on what the cost is and you would hardly use precious metals for house wire. As far as circuitry silver is the best because of it's least resitance quality and since most circuits aren't exposed to the elements it has the second best corrosion factor. Gold is favored in connectors, such as in the audio visual industry. It plates easy, best corrosion factor and ensure good contact between wiring. When asking a question or giving an answer several factors have to be considered and since electricty is used in many facits of our lives, all things have to be considered equally. What material should be used for surgical implants such as pins, plates and replacement joints? Titanium, gold, silver, copper or stainless steel?


It's certainly not my intention to stir up an argument, but I must disagree with the last reply. Not only does silver have the highest conductivity, it is followed by copper, and gold coming in third. I couldn't find a more reliable source but the figures are the same everywhere I checked. Here's the figures from a common website, for substance and conductivity in Siemens per meter.

Silver 63.0 × 10e6
Copper 59.6 × 10e6
Gold 45.2 × 10e6

As mentioned, gold is the ideal material for plating contacts and connectors because of it's resistance to corrosion.


Silver is the best electrical because it contain a large number of free electrons. The extent of conductivity of an electron conductor depends upon the number of free electron present in it. So it is a best conductor compare to other conductor.


Because there are ample free electrons in silver to travel throughout its surface and thus conduct electricity.

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The simple answer is silver's single, outer electron is easier to dislodge from the atom and offers less resistance to current.


Actually gold is the best conductor , and the most corrosion resistant.