What has been found that is 34000 years old?

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Can you tell me what and where this was found?

Popular science. Not the magazine. Science that follows social trends and is politically and monetarily motivated. That's Pop-science. They are media hounds and like the media "If it bleeds, it leads."
It's science that manipulates data to forward their agendas.
Pure science needs no legislation to be passed to justify itself.
Why is it that the Giants of science who enlightened a dark world from the renaissance until the modern industrial age were all religious? They were scoffed at by the "Church" at times but wholly believed that there are things that can only be explained by a divine creator.
Which scientist today can be now or in the future come close to being in the league of such men?
I can tell you this. Stephen Hawkings is a mere pimple on the arse of Di Vinci.
Science today touts theories as fact. The think they can explain everything with complete accuracy because they are above reproach. After all doesn't a PhD make a person infalible?
These salesmen (and that's all most are) are nothing more than 'Chicken Littles' with a pedigree.
In my 43 years on this earth I've seen so called facts turned on their heads.
The coming ice age suddenly becomes global warming! Why? Weren't they both blamed on pollution? They want it both ways and that's not possible.
And what ever happened to the "Hole in the Ozone" that everyone was petrified of? I guess that problem is gone now that McDonalds went from Styrofoam containers to paper and cardboard, right?
Carbon dating has been exposed for the scam that it is.
Evolution is full of holes.
The banning of DDT has caused more wrongful deaths than both world wars and AIDS combined.


In a cave in the Republic of Georgia, scientists found 34 thousand year old twine. They believe humans were making clothing from this twine.
http://io9.com/5356903/34000+year+old-twine-woven-by-ancient-humans-di scovered


A University of Hawai'i geologist researcher working on his Ph. D. found a living microbe within some salt crystals in Death Valley that is believed to be 34,000 years old.

Thank you, Trades29 for your question.


The cake I bought in the supermarket last week was 34000 years old. It was awful. I complained to the manager. He apologized and gave me a fresh substitute.


"Twine"? Come on! Now I'm absolutely convinced that modern (POP) science is a complete farce!


What's wrong with twine? What's modern (POP) science?