Is pluto a planet?

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Pluto is in fact still a planet. It's now called a "dwarf planet," as opposed to the "major planets" like Earth and Jupiter. Anything that orbits the sun and has enough mass to pull itself into a sphere is now considered a planet of some kind.

This means that recently discovered objects like Sedna and Eris in the outer solar system beyond Pluto, and Ceres which lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, are also now considered dwarf planets.

The problem was that all three of these objects are either larger or very close in size to Pluto. So it doesn't really make sense that Pluto would be a major planet, and these others would not, just because we happened to find Pluto first (that is, except for Ceres which was found in 1801 and was actually considered a major planet for a short time).

There are still a lot of problems with these new definitions though. Which just goes to underline the point that planetary science is still an evolving area of study. As we learn more about our solar system and how it was formed, these definitions may yet change again.

It is important to note, I believe, that this is all just a debate over words and how we choose to define them. As far as I know, Pluto doesn't give a care what we call it.


Pluto no longer is considered a major planet. It is a minor planet, or dwarf planet, like numerous other such bodies in the Kuiper belt of the outer Solar System, some of which are larger than Pluto


Not it is not. Pluto is a dwarf planet.

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Pluto is no longer a Planet but a dwarf planet.


No it is not anymore


No. Not any more.