Infinity -- How well do you understand the concept?

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In regards to life: The continuous flow of cycles, to me -- is what represents infinity. However, in regards to the universe. it's hard to grasp the concept of something as having no beginning, as well as no end. - How and when did the cycle of life ever begin? - What came 1st -- the chicken or. You do know the saying; Do you not? The question is this: What is your grasp of infinity?

Infinity is one of those concepts that can be discussed and useful in the language of mathematics, philosophy or spirituality, but is still impossible to experience.

If you divide an apple in half, take one piece and divide it in half again, and continue, in theory, there's no end to how infinitely small you can make it. But practically, there IS a limit, somewhere around the scale of subatomic particles, where no tool yet exists that can cut any further. So, infinity remains a theoretic concept: something we can imagine in the abstract, but not demonstrate experientially.

In practical terms, humans only experience time moving in one direction. We measure the beginning and ending of things along that yardstick of time. And as far as we've been able to determine, everything does have a beginning and will have an end. So, at present, eternity is also a concept which can't be experientially measured, only imagined.

As for the beginning of life, to some extent it depends on how you define it. All life, as we presently know it, is constructed of building blocks called amino acids. Amino acids are the fundamental chemical snips that combine into proteins and DNA, and create every functional bit of every single living cell.

Amino acids have been found in the galactic dust of deep space, in comets, and in meteors that have crashed to earth. We have no idea whether they've combined elsewhere in the universe to create life. It's quite apparent they've done so here.

Scientists now have experimental proof that amino acids can become encased in lipid shells which protect them, and their interactions; and these could, in one very real sense, be considered the primordial eggs of life. Chickens would not appear for quite a very long time after the accumulation of complex amino acids, proteins, and cells on earth.

It's worth noting that Genesis says nothing at all about amino acids, either in living creatures or throughout the universe. We can only speculate why. It's certainly possible that if God wished to speak to the peoples of 6,000 years ago, He would know the full majesty of His Creation would be beyond their comprehension, and would have limited the explanation to the very simple terms people then would have been able to understand.


What came first the chicken or the egg? Easy,
Fish came before chickens,
Fish Lay eggs
There is your answer.
Evolution my friend,

In regards to infinity, it is an easy enough concept to grasp as long as you don't try to think to far into it, or you will easily confuse yourself, There are just some things that life isn't supposed to fully understand.

Now if you want to know how life began, there is a universally excepted theory. Back when the earth was younger, the conditions of the planet were much different, it was a stormy mudball of a planet, well frequent asteroid and comet crashes would leave protein and amino acids in certain pools of saline like substances. Now the conditions of earth back them let these chemically react and slowly form life in the form of microscopic organisms, which following the course of evolution slowly over billions of years evolved into what is alive today. Now since the earths enviorment is so drastically changed from the way it was from when life started, the conditions to create life in the same way simply does not exist anymore, because of all the micro-organisms and such, so in simple terms, the presence of life, stops us from recreating life in the same way it was made all that time ago.

Now for those who believe in a god, or a higher power that created this world, this does not disprove or conflict with your beliefs, as a god or higher power could have verily set life in motion and started the big bang, but life did not just simply "happen" It is the slow process of evolution that makes us what we are today, and what we will be in the future.


It's estimated that the universe is around 13.75 billion years old. We are unlikely to ever know what lies beyond the boundaries of the universe. Scientists are always coming up with new theories but I don't believe we will ever know all the mechanisms of the universe fully.

I like the theory that the universe follows similar patterns to other natural phenomenons. It is born, goes through a period of expansion, then contracts back to one point, then there's another big bang and the cycle starts again. I also like the theory that there are infinite universes and we are only concious of one. It is hard to imagine these concepts but I really like hearing about the latests scientific theories about the universe.

I think it's hard for us to imagine infinity because our lives have a finite time. We see people, animals and plants going through a life cycle. Perhaps infinity is just this cycle going on forever?


I don't understand infinity well at all. I really hated the mathematical concept of it; I simply could not wrap my head around it. The basic numeral system we use is infinite; there's no smallest number nor biggest number. And my math professors were happily performing complex calculations with infinity like it was some solid everyday concept everyone should be able to grasp. And how mathematicians even came up with rules governing infinity in calculations, I cannot begin to imagine. As you can probably guess, I didn't do too well in my university math classes.

Philosophically, it's just as hard for me to understand how something could possibly last forever and ever and ever without a beginning or an end. And yet it must have been that way somehow for our universe to exist. Thinking about this gives me a headache, so I'll stop now.


First of all, to answer your question, the chicken came first. The egg did not. The book of Genesis plainly states that God created animals in their ANIMAL states, not in their immature embryonic states.

Regarding infinity, a never-ending amount of time, think of it this way:

You have stretched a piece of string from the earth and tied it around a rock on the moon. Place an ant on your end of the string. By the time that ant walks to the end of the string, turns around, walks back to earth, that will be just the BEGINNING of infinity.


Because of all these unanswered questions....we say there must be some superstious power behind this and created an egg or chicken ?
As far as iam concern, I cannot understand lot of stuff related to this. But I have a curiosity of knowing all these unanswered things. Which is really interesting when you listen them. Is not ?

Let's say some sceintist told the earth has got no shape ( We accepted ). Then someone else said it is Circle ( We accepted ). But anyways you and me cannot go and see. So we only have to agree whatever they say.


I don't think anyone can really understand the concept of infinity. It is too large for a human to understand. Sooner or later it boils down to thinking of infinity as 'a lot of stuff'. The mathematics at infinity are really getting towards the more ridiculous things mathematicians do... since none of them can comprehend infinity, it is just playing with symbols.

Mathematicians even have different kinds of infinity, with some kinds of infinity smaller than other kinds.

Which is madness.


A curious fact in mathematics is that certain functions tend to infinity faster than others. When one takes a ratio of these functions we have in the limit, infinity divided by infinity which is indeterminate you would think. But when a slower tending function is divided by a faster tending function the result is zero in the limit of course.