How to tell if a diamond is fake?

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my question for members is : how to tell if a diamond is fake?, please answer it thanks 4 all

From ezine:

1. Real Diamonds are flawed; fakes are not.

While some might think that the goal in purchasing the perfect diamond is to find one that is virtually flawless--that is not always the case. Carefully crafted Cubic Zirconia sports absolutely no imperfections, making it easy to label as fake. Real, pure diamonds contain tiny 'flaws' which oftentimes creates a brilliance that cannot be seen in fakes.

2. Look inside your Diamond.

Much like looking inside a crystal ball, looking inside your diamond will reveal the truth about its true components and its authenticity. The key is: Real diamonds always have something inside. If you look into your diamond with a 1200x microscope, you should be able to see tiny inclusions within the stones infrastructure. If you hold the diamond in front of your eye and look through its side, you should not be able to see through it, nor should it look to be one clear, unified color. If the stone exerts zero degrees of brilliance, and if you can see through it from the side, then it is definitely fake.

3. Look at the Setting & Mount.

Since stones made up of imitation substances such as Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are so much cheaper than diamonds, they are usually set in less expensive metals. Chances are, a fake diamond would not be set in real gold.

4. Check the Wear and Tear of the Stone.

Real diamonds have remarkable durability and a hardened sharpness that is strong enough to scratch glass. If there or any scratches or nicks on the surface of your Diamond, or if you can make them, then your diamond is not real.

Simple Two-Minute Tests

1. The Reading Test.

If your diamond is not mounted, set it on a newspaper. If you can see through it at all, even if you just see distorted black smudges instead of clearly-marked letters, than your diamond is a fake. Real diamonds have so many intricacies in their infrastructure that it is impossible for light to pass all the way through them without being first refracted.

2. The Sandpaper Test.

Diamonds are the hardest known substance. That being said, it is impossible for real diamond jewelry to be scratched. Using either wet or dry sandpaper, test your diamond by scratching it vigorously on the brittle surface of the paper. If it becomes nicked, it is surely a fake.

3. The Sparkle Test.

View your diamond from the top, then from the side. Compare the shiny, reflective qualities that you may have noticed when looking down onto the face of your diamond, with the way your diamond shines and reflects when being viewed at a side angle. Imitation diamonds are purposely crafted to look like real diamonds from a birds-eye-view, but are less commonly apt to carry those same characteristics throughout the rest of the stone.


The scratching glass trick is no good. Any gemstone, just about, will scratch glass. The read through test is good but not proof. All these "tests" are superficial and not proof. The best "proof" is a GIA certificate or an appraisal by a Graduate Gemologist. I can sit here and tell you a hundred different characteristics of a diamond and you still might get fooled. A synthetic diamond is in fact a diamond but it is made by man. Is this a fake? No it is a diamond, a synthetic diamond. Stones that are made to look like a diamond but are not are called "Simulants". Expeience and training will tell you what is a fake and that takes years. Don't risk it on these silly tests get an expert opinion.


First the test is just your own intuition. Does it seem like a real diamond to you? Real diamonds are different from other stones and that is why they are so valuable. There is no way to get that kind of sparkle from fake diamonds. I suppose there are different types that may not always be true. But to a normal diamond that has been cut.

There used to be the scratch test of seeing if it could scratch glass. But now there are some synthetic diamonds or cubic zirconia that are even able to pass that test. You really need to get it tested by an expert.


The most reliable method is to take it into your jeweler for inspection.

Diamonds are not the only "clear" gemstones. Beryl, Quartz, Topaz and Sapphires can also be found as clear stones. I inherited one of my great-grandmother's engagement rings, took it to a jeweler to have it cleaned and inspected, and come to find out, was a very nice white sapphire, not a diamond at all.


Just try to scratch a glass if it scratches the glass it mean that is real.

I have tested this way with my ring which has a very small diamond and it worked.
Look at my picture how small diamond is and it worked when I tried to scratch the glass.
Its Iphone picture and it does not look that clear.


Yes as Girlia41 said it is always best to have a jeweler look it over. They can test it and will know in a matter of seconds whether it is real or not. It can be very hard for anyone to determine a real diamond from another stone or even fake, with just the naked eye.