How do you feel about climate change and Global Warming?

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Do you see climate change as some kind of political ploy or money making gimmick? Is Global Warming something that is real, with sufficient scientific evidence?

Like the above users have already mentioned, there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove that global warming is not a ruse it is a fact. There are diagrams of the output levels of poisonous gases into our atmosphere that show how the levels of pollution from before we had excessive motorized vehicles to the present have drastically risen to an alarming- certainly terrifying height. There are probably plenty of Youtube videos that will show you (the will literally show you chunks of ice falling off the ice cap and into the sea) the state of the polar ice caps located at the Earth's poles. When large chunks of these ice caps melt and erode they fall into the sea- elevating the sea levels. Countries/islands like Fiji and Japan- because they are so close to sea level are at a severe risk of being put under water due to the rising tides. Imagine, if you will, pouring a glass of water about half way up and then putting ice cubes into the glass. Because both parts of this are the same thing- naturally the amount of water that appears to have "risen" will stay the same- even AFTER it has melted. You are welcome to test this at home and I encourage you to do so as it will show you why global warming is no "gimmick." I cannot stress enough how serious this problem is- and the fact that it has not been addressed on a global scale- and the fact that there are STILL PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE that it is not a reality- is equally terrifying. It is not a ploy- it is fact. Please spread this information our lives genuinely depend on us respecting mother nature.


Global warming is real. There is no political ploy or money making gimmick.
I can tell you what I've seen change over the sixty five years I've lived on this earth. The weather changes are enough to convince me.
First of all winters have always been cold and snowy- but look at the extremes we go through these days. Polar vortexes? We don't have a decent springtime anymore. More often our winters end and we go right into hot summers.
Growing up we looked forward to springtime and it lasted more than a week. The nice spring and summer rains we used to have are now torrential rains and dangerous, with flooding like i've never seen before.
What happened to normal rainy days? Summer heat and humidity brings storms and tornadoes.
Sink holes are opening up everywhere.

As I see how the weather has changed so drastically over my lifetime I find it difficult to accept that this is the new normal.


I'm surprised this question still comes up. The evidence for global warming is overwhelming. It's not a rumor.

Atmospheric CO2 has increased since the industrial revolution. The current warming trend is unprecedented, looking at the last 1300 years. Scientific irrefutable evidence includes:

- sea rise level
- retreating glaciers
- melting ice caps
- global temperature rise
- warming oceans
- ocean acidification
- extreme weather events

It is shocking that some politicians argue against this science and try to mislead voters. There's nothing to debate. Global warming is here and the time to act is now.

Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration


I feel that climate change and global warming is as real as smog and days with high UV. There are days with the air is bad and you burn really quickly if you don't have strong sunblock. Just look at the fumes coming out of the cars and feel the heat coming off of the engines. You can't say that people don't have an impact on the climate.

Starting a car in a garage with the door closed can kill you. Think about all the cars, motorbikes and, planes releasing fumes into the air. It has to have some kind of impact. The world is warming up and there are places where the air is so polluted it is difficult to breath.


Climate change and global warming are real issues, not just scientific concepts. They are not some kind of made up scientific fantasy or agenda assisting tool. The scientific proof is out there, but too many people are following their pre-determined viewpoints in regards to this subject that are force fed down their throats by media and opinionated journalism. One of the biggest problems with climate change is the large amount of denial that it even exists, therefore slowing any processes that may arise to correct or help the problem.


There are some interesting allegations that certain data-gathering entities have skewed the results by undereporting cooler readings; this is referred to as Climategate. See artice below:

http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100020126/climategat e-goes-serial-now-the-russians-confirm-that-uk-climate-scientists-mani pulated-data-to-exaggerate-global-warming/

In my opinion, the jury is still out.


I think that there is plenty of evidence to prove that global warming is real. Some will believe that and others will try and cover it up. Politicians especially are really trying to persuade us that global warming is real. Well I say believe it or not global warming is real and it will start to become a big problem in the next decade.


There's more than enough scientific evidence to prove to those who are willing to believe, that global warming is real. Climate change is just one aspect of the temperature increase. The world is not now the way I remember it used to be, as far as climate is concerned.