How about the 8.9 Earthquake?

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What can you tell me about the Earthquake in Japan on March 11 2011?

It is encouraging to know that technology has indeed succeeded in saving many people, though many did die. The Japanese government has reported 137 casualties, but around 1000 casualties are feared.

The country was alerted of the Tsunami just 12 minutes before it struck the coasts of Japan. The earthquake and tsunami alert system in Japan is sophisticated and can warn about any earthquake in 2 minutes of its onset, and of any tsunami after 3 minutes of its onset.

The Tsunami occured 100 kilometers off the coast of Japan and the 33 feet high waves traveled this distance in 15 minutes. Just 2 minutes after the earthquake occured (under the ocean), the country was alerted about the earthquake, and just after 1 minute more, the country was alerted about the Tsunami. So it was 12 minutes more left for the Tsunami waves to hit the shores of Japan when they came to know about it. This has been made possible by the 80 underwater earthquake censors and 400 inland earthquake censors and the 6 major earthquake reporting centers employed in Japan since 1952.


Well, I just called my relatives in Japan, and this is basically what's happening.

There has been a tsunami alert posted out. Some cities like odaiba have some fires going on due to the large numbers of building. The ground can still be felt shaking at Tokyo, but all in all, it's not something catastrophic. People are still going about their day (crazy isn't it?) and the earthquake isn't really affecting them that much other than the inconvenience of the ground shaking while they're doing their business. More people are staying inside.

There haven't been many casualties as most buildings in Japan are earthquake proof.

When I was in Japan this summer, they were already prepping for the earthquake with some of the renovations to the older buildings.

It's pretty crazy. Hopefully when I wake up, it'll all be over and they'll be safe. :(


Poor, poor people!

What really stunned me terribly is their reaction. I saw people's mien when the earth started to shake and they just did not panic. Earthquakes are their routine, of course not so devastating like this one.

Therefore, at first they just did not panic, clearly confident it will pass like so many times before. In shortest time, I noticed their expressions changing. Slowly they realized THIS is not the one of many quakes before. Only then, they started to react and to show first distinctive signs of ulterior concern, worry, fear and finally terror.

Albeit I never experienced earthquake in my life, I feel profoundly with those people. I donated some money through my mobile phone already and I hope you will, too.


Not a great deal is known yet as information is still coming in. There have been several lesser quakes over the past few days and a tsunami warning had already been issued, which may have saved a few lives. The largest shock was 8.9 followed by a tsunami which swept away boats, cars, and local buildings. There have undoubtedly been lives lost but nobody has time to count yet. Unfortunately many of Japan's rescue teams were sent to New Zealand to help in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake.

The best English coverage so far is on CNN and on the BBC. The BBC can be accessed on the web at www.bbc.co.uk.


Well I have compiled information for this disaster as many people along the Pacific Coast are going to be affected within the next 24 hours. From Alaska to California the tsunamis will hit. So if you live along those areas you should evacuate. May God bless everyone.

PS I will put a link of what I compile of the event on my profile. Now there is a nuclear disaster at hand.


A hotel in Sundi collapsed. A 4 meter Tsunami is hitting. They are worried about the aftershock. Oregon and Northern California are talking evacuation in the Tsunami they are expecting 60 centimeters of water. It's moving at 500 miles and hour and expected to hit Hawaii in 3 to 4 hours.


I know it was a lot death and destruction an 8.9 Earthquake is something I have never heard of before and the video footage of it was just to heart breaking to watch I had to quit or I would cry all the time my prayers are with those people hope yours are too. God Bless


Seems very frightening, I hope everyone is safe.