Do you believe in global warming?

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How would you explain the increasing in temperatures every year?

Global warming at the present is a fact, however, if it, or any of it, is caused my human activity is debatable.

The earth warms and cools in fairly regular cycles, none of which we can control. Sunspot activity has a definite bearing on earth temperatures, as the infrared output is increasing and decreasing cyclically. What has an even greater bearing on natural climate changes, whether or not it is related to solar output, is the cyclical changes in ocean currents, particularly in the Atlantic.

Warm surface currents in the Atlantic travel north toward the Arctic Ocean, where they cool, sink to a much greater depth and flow back toward the tropics from which they originally came. This is called the ThermoHaline Circulation. Warm water travels north, cool water travels south.

The ThermoHaline Circulation is a long-term activity, usually over many thousands of years it flows approximately the same, year after year. The warm water reaching the Arctic is transferring its tropical heat to the cold northern waters, and to the ice pack, gradually melting the ice and raising the ocean levels little by little, as we are seeing now. These are always times of higher global temperatures.

The problem comes when the warm tropical surface currents melt enough ice to change the salt content of the northern waters significantly, which always happens eventually. When the salinity and density of the Arctic waters is reduced to a critical point, it interrupts the natural flow of the currents, and they slow drastically, sometimes even to a complete stop. When this happens, there is no longer a heat source to melt the Arctic ice which starts to rebuild, taking fresh water from the ocean to make larger ice packs. Global temperatures drop, more snow and ice collect in the northern regions, and sometimes a runaway ice accumulation occurs. Voila! We have another Ice Age!

It takes much longer to restart the ThermoHaline Circulation again than it did to interrupt it, so global cooling could last for many many years.

Yes, global warming is real, but so is global cooling. This has been happening long before there were humans. The contribution from mankind is probably minimal and, geologically speaking, we will see an Ice Age fairly soon. We will not be able to prevent it.


Global warming is real, and has been sloppily covered up by the powers that be for years. The radiation levels given off by the sun are much higher than anyone would ever lead us to believe they are actually at. The powers that be do their best to try to conceal that there is any real problem, because they don't want anyone to know how terrible things have really gotten.

Many foul practices have been put into action to help slow down the effects of global warming. One of the largest and scariest plans of action is the spraying of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere to keep the ultraviolet rays at bay. This practice is known as geo engineering, and it's actually making the problem worse. The earth is hotter now than it has ever been, and it will only continue to get worse, especially with the constant chemical trails being blasted into our atmosphere.

1998 was the hottest year recorded in history, and this inadvertent spraying in the sky has been happening ever since. If you haven't already, Google geo engineering and have a look for yourself. Or better yet, take a look at the sky a little more often. It will make you sick when you realize how much spraying actually goes on up there. Weather manipulation is a scary and very dangerous thing. It is perhaps the most dangerous piece of global warfare ever discovered.


There are two causes of climate change. The Earth is steadily warming up from a mini ice age, and has yet to reach the average global temperature that existed for most of the recent Earth history. Mankind is increasing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are associated with increased temperatures. We have reached levels not seen for millions of years and can expect the climate to change accordingly. If a natural catastrophe occurs as well that would make the climate change more acute.

There are multiple effects of these processes which do not allow for a simple uniform increase in temperature. Climate depends on many interacting processes. For example, the melting of the global ice caps, in addition to raising sea level and drowning the coastal lands, will also change the ocean currents, specifically the circulation of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is what allows the Northern Eastern US and the Northern portions of Europe, especially the British Islands to have a decent climate. Once this changes Britain will be much,much colder than it is, possibly uninhabitable. So global warming, in this instance, will cause cooling of a part of the Globe.


The phenomenon of global warming is pretty obvious; if somebody denies at this point they are living under a rock. Temperatures have been steadily increasing for about a century now, and we've seen an increase in both record-level temperatures, and extreme climate events like hurricanes.

The question of what is the cause of global warming is not as obvious, but at this point we have accumulated enough data to be fairly certain that it is due to our burning of fossil fuels since the beginning of the industrial age. The main result of this is increasing concentrations of c02 in the atmosphere, which is causing it to trap more heat and thus increases the temperature.

In fact just this year, we passed an important threshold when c02 levels reached their highest point in human history - breaking 400 parts per million. The evidence is there - since we started heavily burning fossil fuels at the end of the 19th century, both temperature and carbon dioxide levels have been steadily climbing. Natural fluctuations in temperature do happen in Earth's history, but the current global warming is human-caused.


Yes I do. However, I also believe in natural temperature fluctuations too. I am still amazed how many people think the warmer temperatures are 100% one thing! or 100% the other! I feel like a bit of both are contributing to the warmer temperatures. I feel like global warming is really real, and is a true concern. Global warming also predicts to give more extreme temperatures in general, and some of the harsh winters may be due to that too. I am concerned about global warming, but nor do I deny that natural temperature fluctuations happen.

In our case though I think we have both things going on. Again, I'm so surprised at how many people think it's all one thing or all another. It's a complex world and yes it's quite possible that we CAN HAVE global warming due to emissions AND natural temperature fluctuations that are unrelated to emissions. Not sure why so many people are in total denial of one or the other - seems over-simplistic and unrealistic thinking that way to me.


Yes,I do. There are a lot of climatic changes happening around us as a result of global warming. The statistical studies states that there has been a continuous rise in the amount of carbon dioxide since 1950's.

Another evidence is that the ice from Antarctica, Greenland etc. is melting due to global warming and thereby causes a rise in the sea level. 152 cubic kilometers (36 cubic miles) of ice was melted in Antarctica between 2002 and 2005.The increase in sea level in the last century is about 17 cm.

Few other evidence of global warming are:
Rapid declination of ice in the Arctic sea,
Acidification of the ocean due to the increased absorption of Carbon dioxide.
Increase in temperature in many places around the Earth.


If 97 out of 100 engineers told us that a bridge was unstable, we'd probably avoid driving on it.

If 97 out of 100 doctors told us that eating rotten food makes you sick, we'd stop eating rotten food.

When 97 out of 100 scientists in related fields tell us that global warming is influenced heavily by human activity, it's a political issue.

When something makes you wonder, it's usually a good idea to sit back and think "Who would make money from this?"
We have massive industrial lobbies that absolutely will resist any attempt at regulating pollution as well as vehemently resist any investment into clean energy.


I believe in global warming. Global warming can happen naturally and it can happen because of what people are doing. People are creating a lot of heat and they are releasing a lot of things into the air. You don't need to be a scientist to notice things like air pollution or the heat coming off of engines. Obviously people are doing things that are contributing to global warming. Some of it may be natural though.