What is the formula for nitrous oxide?

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please answer me quickly: what is the formula for nitrous oxide?, thanks all

Nitrous Oxide is an oxide of nitrogen.

Its formula is N2O

It is used as an anaesthetic in dentistry and a dilute form called entonox is the "gas and air" used during childbirth (great stuff!).

In motor racing, N2O is used to increase to power output of car engines, giving them a "boost".


The formula for Nitrous Oxide is N2O.
It is also known as; laughing gas or sweet air. At room temperature it is colourless and non-flammable, it has a slightly sweet odour and taste. It is used in surgery and dentistry.
It is also used as an oxidiser in motor racing to increase the engines power output.


Even though the melting point and boiling point are almost the same 100 degrees below zero, the solids forms crystal just like salt and is know as laughing gas which is soluble in water therefore intoxicating. A good source for finding out more is CRC handbook of chemistry and physics.


Nitrous oxide is a colorless inorganic gas, and mainly used as a mild anesthetic. It is also called laughing gas.

The formula is N2O.


The Formula For nitrous oxide is


The formula for nitrous oxide is N2O.