Is mixing oil and water a chemical reaction?

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please answer me quickly: is mixing oil and water a chemical reaction?, thanks all

Oil and water don't easily mix, due to the polarity of the two substances. Water has a definite polarity, like a bar magnet - one end is positive while the other is negative. Because of that, water is what we call a polar solvent. That means only a substance with polarity can be dissolved into water. Oil, as you probably guessed, isn't polar. Because the oil is non-polar, and you're attempting to dissolve (mix) it into a polar solvent (water), you end up with a lumpy combination.

If you need to mix the two anyway, it is possible. The physical reaction of mixing the two successfully is called an emulsion, which is from the latin 'mulgeo', which itself is from the greek 'almego' - a verb meaning 'to milk'. It's called this because milk is, in fact, an emulsion. There are different types of emulsions possible, but all forms have something in common. One of the two substances is dispersed throughout the other. If you drop a little oil into a lot of water, and agitate it enough, you will have microscopic beads of oil dispersed through the water, which is in this case a dispersion medium. The same is possible in the other direction, and in varying combinations of the two.

I hope that answers the question.


If you really want to know what will happen when oil is mixed with water. Then listen when you mix oil in the water then oil will never mix into the water and remain as a distinct material inside the water because water is polar solvent while oil is non polar solute (solvent) they do not mix each other. But as you know oil is made of fatty acids and glycerol with phosphate group (ester of fatty acids and phosphoglycerol). Therefore head of glycerides are polar and interact with water molecule. There is a little interaction of phosphate head group of glucerides (oils) with water and no more than this.


You kind of answered the question in your question, if something can be described as a mixture it has not chemically reacted.

If you want to see for yourself that a mixture of water and oil haven't reacted then get a clear glass or beaker. Fill the glass with water and oil, shake the glass and stir it vigorously so as to mix the water and oil as best you can, then leave it for a few hours.

When you come back to it you will find that the two have separated, the oil will be on top of the water. You can then separate the two by skimming of the oil.


A chemical reaction is a change in the chemical composition of a substance such that one or more new chemical substance if formed in the process.

Mixing oil and water to make a mixture of both does not product a new chemical as there is no chemical reaction between oil and water. Oil and water can be completely separated into their pure forms from the mixture.


No, because they can be separated by physical means. Eg: Decanting.