Roses or Carnations?

7 Answers
Which one you like more Roses or Carnations?

Both are beautiful flowers, but if I must choose than it has to be roses.

Roses come in a variety of colour and sizes which means there will always be a type of rose to keep everyone happy.

I love growing roses in my garden but there are gardeners who say that roses are a nuisance to grow. Well they can be, with all the insects and diseases that they become prone to and ruin a plant, but I still prefer to grow them.

Roses can represent different emotions, red for love, pinks for happiness and yellow for friendship. Pale colours are also found in wedding bouquets.

I love the fact that they have so many uses, such as in perfumes and even to make food and drink.

Hopefully, I will have a fondness for roses for many years to come.

Thank you for your question.


I prefer roses better. I just think they are prettier and I like how they smell better too. I think carnations are beautiful as well, but they speak more of innocence and friendship to me, while roses are more mysterious, more passionate about whatever it is you are feeling, even if it's just happiness. There is something so classy and beautiful about roses either in a bouquet or just a single one. My favorite color roses are the bright pink ones, even though I am definitely not a "pink" type of girl, I once received a birthday bouquet of gorgeous pink roses, and I will never forget how vibrant and bright they were.


I have always love long stemmed red roses. I can be happy if I receive one long stemmed red rose or dozens of them.

I think it probably has something to do with me being able to nurture and grow just about any flower with the exception of roses. I gave up growing roses over 30 years ago when my entire prized collection got black spot or some other disease that roses get during an extended rainy season and died. I grow carnations but not as big as the ones sold in stores.


I guess I'm in the minority. Carnations are my absolute favorite flowers, bar none. I love their sweet fragrance and I love the variegated flowers, which are almost striped.

Roses, particularly red roses, remind me of funerals. My parents and grandparents before them owned a greenhouse. It seemed like everyone ordered casket sprays with red roses, hence, the association.


I am definitely a rose girl, if given the choice between the two. Like Charlotte said in "Sex and the City", carnations are filler flowers. You do not give carnations to someone you care for. That's a big no-no.


I love roses, red or pink ones. I used to like yellow ones but now red or pink roses would be my pick. One or a bunch of them. To me, roses look classy.

Carnations are rather plain to me even with bright colours.


Definitely roses. I love the fragrance of roses- it is very calming....Carnations reminds me of funerals