Do you think plants feel pain?

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Does a Christmas tree feel pain when it is being chopped down? Do our house plants feel pain when we forget to water them? Does grass ache when we step on it?

Yes, I do believe so. I believe so not only because it is something that Native American friends of mine know to be true, but also because of modern-day scientific research studies. To read up on some of those studies, please feel free to review just some of the research that has been done for decades below:

http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2007/10/veggie_intellige nce
http://scientress.blogspot.com/2008/02/friend-of-mine-recently-posted. html
http://masaru-emoto.blogspot.com/2010/10/human-emotions-present-in-mat ter-plants.html

Honestly, to think that any living entity does not feel emotion would be rather closed-minded of us. Just as an example, recall how it was "fact" that the world was flat and that Earth was the center of the Universe. Heck, anyone who thought otherwise was shunned and severely threatened. Thank-you for being open-minded enough beyond our dominant culture to ask this question.

P.S. Here is a YouTube video that shows how plants reacted during a scientific plant experiment:

Switzerland has even passed laws on the treatment of plants:
http://planetsave.com/2008/10/18/switzerland-places-ban-on-the-humilia tion-of-plants/


No, plants do not "feel" pain, neither emotionally nor physically. In order to do so, trees and vegetation would have to possess a complex nervous system that transmits electrical impulses to the brain. Plants do not consist of a well-developed nervous system or a brain.

As a result, we can infer that we are not committing plant abuse by walking on our lawns or even cutting down a Christmas tree. If we neglect to water our plants to the point that the wither and die, we need not feel guilty that we are responsible for their suffering.

It should be mentioned that if we do opt to have a live Christmas tree, it would be environmentally responsible to purchase a live balled and bur-lapped tree that could be replanting after the holidays. Although the trees/plants do respond to pruning, they do not consciously suffer or "feel" pain.

I must mention that their are opposing views in regard to plant pain/abuse. The Swiss government has passed a Plant Bill Of Rights that concluded that plants have moral and legal protection similar to that of animals. Citizens of the nation are required to treat plants humanely and appropriately. Personally, I think the legislation is ludicrous.


I am not sure but there was an interesting plant experiment. A person that had a lie detector equipment hooked it up to a plant. The equipment is designed to pick up stress. I am not sure why it would work on a plant but he was a professional. His plan was to get the plant to react in a way that his equipment could detect. He started by giving it water.

After trying a few things he got the idea that he would burn the plant. What was interesting is that the plant reacted before it was burned. The reaction happened when he decided to burn the plant. The experiment can be duplicated but only if the person intends to burn the plant. Just going through the motions does not work if they do not intend to go through with it.


Plants carry energy just as every other thing on the planet. Perhaps they do not 'feel' pain in the same sense as people and animals but there is enough evidence to suggest that yes they do recognize pain.


Absolutely,and animals have emotions. When we were young we had a snapping turtle. Whenever my Mother would scold her, she would shed a tear !


Every living thing feels pain, but the plants really have no idea