Have you ever seen the ocean or the great lakes?

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Sounds like a silly question? I live on the coast so the ocean is not a big deal. But I have met many people that don't live on the coasts and have never seen the ocean. For myself, I have never seen the great lakes.

I live in Maryland, so I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. However, I have never seen the Great Lakes. I suppose I should do that sometime! I know what you mean about some people never seeing the ocean.

Believe it or not, my parents have lived in Maryland for their entire lives and never seen the ocean! I couldn't believe it when I learned that. When we would vacation as a family, we always went to an amusement park, but never the beach. As an adult, I found out I loved the beach. I tried to encourage them to go with me to Atlantic City one time. Even if they did not gamble, they could see the ocean. My mother decided against it. Such a shame! Anyone living on the east coast should see the Atlantic Ocean at least once.


Yes. I grew up in a country that is surrounded by islands and 3 hours of drive will get me to an ocean. In fact, when I was in high school, me and my friends went to this island that there were only one family that lived in there. At that time it was just discovered and started to get popular. My friend knew the family and we stayed on the island for four days. Had some campfire on the island,etc. They literally only had one cottage on the island. We had to take 45 minutes boat to even reach the place. It was fun. My husband though,has never seen ocean or been to a beach. The closest thing he has got to an ocean was to see it up on the air when he was in the airplane.


I live close enough to bike to Lake Ontario. So I have seen it lots of times. From late spring to early fall I see it every week. Yesterday I saw it when I biked to a provincial park with a beach. Lake Ontario is the only great lake I have seen. I saw the ocean a few times while on vacation but I have not seen it in a very long time. The nearest ocean is really far away but Lake Ontario is fairly close.

I spend a lot of time at the beach in summer but it takes a while for Lake Ontario to warm up. So I don't do a lot of swimming until summer is half over.


I live not too far from the beaches and have done now for over seventeen years, and we spend a lot of time at the ocean, the lakes and the rivers.

My children are all into water sports so most of our lives are spent on or at the water, the rivers, mainly, but sometimes a lot of their races are in rivers just near to the sea, so we always go to the sea for a beautiful walk along the gorgeous beaches.

Now it is summer, we will be at the beach most days, it is the most beautiful way to spend time, walking and swiming and enjoying the summer.


I have been very lucky. My husband took me on a Date just yesterday. He whisked me away to have dinner in a little cafe in Malibu California. Since we live in Las Vegas I don't get out to the ocean to much so for me it was a spontaneous romantic day I love it.

I have also lived on the east coast and in Turkey. So I have gotten the privilege to see many different sea's, oceans and lakes. We traveled a lot when i was a child. I am one of those people that love seeing the ocean. When I retire it will be to one of the coasts.


I live in south Florida, about ten minutes from the ocean, so I do see it often. I prefer to go there very early in the morning, and watch the sun rise, before all the families show up for a beach day. I've never seen the Great Lakes either, and wonder how it differs in looks from the ocean. I lived in New Mexico for eight years, and say the Rio Grande river. The part that I saw was much narrower than I had expected, but the surrounding area was beautiful. Thanks for the question!


I have seen both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as a a Great Lake ( Erie). I live about two hours from the Atlantic Ocean. I agree that a surprising number of people have never seen an Ocean or huge body of water such as a Great Lake. It is really rather disconcerting how many people never travel very far from their home state. For me personally it would drive me mad. I have always been consumed with wanderlust.


I live in Northern New Jersey so I have seen the Atlantic ocean quite a few times. Most New Jerseyans have been down to the shore at sometime in their life. I also had the pleasure of visiting California once and I had the pleasure getting my feet wet in the Pacific. I guess I can say I have seen the Great Lakes if only from afar on my flight home from California.


I live in Arizona, so the west coast is not too long of a drive away. My family and I try to make the drive to San Diego every Summer. My poor wife had never been to the ocean before I met her, and I did not want my kids growing up not knowing how wonderful the beach is! (Aside from the lobster red sun burns).


I live in the northeast and have seen the Atlantic Ocean, offshore fishing 30 miles out. And Lake Ontario from the eastern shore.