Why do ugly parents have attractive offspring?

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I`m always reading in articles & on the internet that good looks are the result of good genes. If that`s the case, then how do some ugly people manage to have good looking children, & some attractive couples have ugly kids?

It happens because the parents traits are rather diverse from the other. They are usually carrying recessive poor genes that make them unattractive to most people, but that gene is not the dominate trait. Having children with someone that is unlike you genetically is going to make stronger, healthier and perhaps more attractive children.

It does not always work, mind you! If the chain of grandparents onward was also unattractive then there's just no good traits to inherit. And while that is unfortunate, people really should be a little more picky about who they make children with. Not that being unattractive is the end of the world, mind you, but you do want your child to have good genes in general. To be healthy and strong and not have a lot of health problems.


Some do, some don't. It's just a matter of how the genes mix. Also, someone who is unattractive now may have been very beautiful in their youth, but just have not taken good care of themselves as they aged, creating an unattractive person now.

Keep in mind as well that even the most unattractive person may have some attractive features. If their partner has a different set of attractive features as well, the child may very well get the best from both parents.

I'll give the example of my daughter, although I do happen to think that my husband and I are fairly attractive. Our daughter got the best of both of us. There are certain features I have that I don't find particularly attractive, and those are the features that she got from her father. The features that he has that he doesn't particularly like, she inherited from me. The end result is an exceptionally beautiful child and this is something that I have heard from others, not just my own opinion. It really can happen that a child gets the best of both parents. It can also go the other way where the child gets the worst of both parents. It just depends on the child.


My grandmother used to always say two ugly people usually have beautiful children. Of course, that is not always the case, but I suppose it happens enough for people to acknowledge it.

You have to remember, beauty is the eye of the beholder. Sometimes I see someone who is horrific looking, yet I have friends that find that person attractive. So sometimes it is simply a matter of taste.

In other situations, I believe the children get the best features from their parents. Even the ugliest person usually has a nice feature or two. If the children inherit the best features from both parents, it is likely they would be considered attractive. Also, it is possible these children look really good in comparison to the parents, but if you did not know their parents, you might think the children just looked average.


Genetics is rather complicated. Sometimes the combination of genes from two good looking people makes a worse looking product when combined. Some traits, for example, may look great in a man, but if those traits are inherited by a daughter they might cause her to look masculine. The same can be true of a son who inherits more femenine traits from his good-looking mother. Also, there are less desirable traits that can be in a person's genes that skip a generation or two before they resurface. The same is true with more desirable traits, which would explain how ugly people can have good looking kids.


Not all ugly parents have attractive offspring, same as not all attractive have ugly childrends. It all depends on how the genes will mix. Maybe parents are beautiful themself, but the combination of their features just doesn't look good on their child. Another example would be when a son inherits his mom features, even though she is beautiful, it doesn't make a son look more masculine. The same is for the daughter, if she inherits her father features, she will look rather masculine then feminine.


I'm not sure about the your question. I don't think it is entirely correct to say that ugly parents have attractive offspring.

Maybe the parents are ugly now, but there were very attractive growing up. This actually happens to a lot of people. They take good care of themselves when they are young and as they get old they stop taking care of themselves.

I think that an ugly person will have ugly kids. There is no way around it really.


It really all depends on what features you inherit from your parents. It doesn't mean that ugly couples always have pretty kids or that pretty people always have ugly kids. It really just depends on how the features fit together on the kid between the two parents.