If I have big hands and big feet what does that mean?

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hi members a question about: if i have big hands and big feet what does that mean?,please quickly, thanks

Big is a relative term so big hands and big feet would be relative to whatever the big hands and big feet are bigger than, arguably smaller hands and smaller feet of other people.

It would also entail that when held up to compare against other creatures in the animal kingdom the hands and feet might be bigger or might be smaller than the paws and feet and whatever else of animals that could serve as basis for comparison.

There is no real meaning necessarily for what big hands and big feet means in a universal sense other than how they are measured relative to smaller and larger things, but big hands and big feet could be attributed to various different causes. But it is unique to the individual for why and it could be things like eating well, the environment one is raised in, having genes that help aid growth, having some kind of disease, and since there is no context for how big the hands or feet and if the hands and feet are healthy or diseased it could be a massive amount of warts or some other kind of disease like massive tumors from cancer that could cause the hands to be big and the feet to be big. Or it could just straight up be morbid obesity, massively overweight individuals tend to have larger feet and hands relative to thinner human beings.

But again, none of that is necessarily true for your specific situation because it is individual. Without more context other than a statement of big hands and big feet relative to what age group or other types of context it doesn't really give much room to glean meaning other than that you think that your hands and feet are big, so that means that on some level you've asked what it means to have big hands and big feet because you think you have big hands and big feet and so you want to know what it means.


There is no medical condition attached with having big hands and big feet unless they are abnormally really huge then we can say you have a skeletal deformity. I don't think there is any superstition attached to that either. There is a myth that says men with big feet have big privates, but then it's just an unscientific myth.

Big feet and big hands are just in your genes and nothing more. Your shoe size will be larger and if the feet are too large you might find a little hard time to buy your shoe size.


This just means you have bigger hands and feet to the average-sized person, or to a person that is your height. This has nothing to do with anything other than your genetics. This size of your hands and feet is not something you can control without disfiguring yourself to make them smaller.

I, for one, have small hands for my height. It doesn't bother me until I notice I can't hold very much in one hand. It's inconvenient for shopping.



this actually does it mean anything to you shouldn't worry about it at all because there are many working things that you could worry about this is not one of those things.

I have to say that this is not important at all because almost are created differently and therefore some of us will be different. Some of us will be bigger. Some of us will not be bigger so you shouldn't worry about this..


It might mean that you are a large person. You might have an overall rugged, and imposing physique, with large bones, and even muscles. If you are large, and your body structure is related to your strength, you would most likely have a physical advantage in certain types of actions over other people who are not strong.

Symbolically, large hands and feet mean nothing.


Well, you have a good advantage over smaller people; you can walk more quickly, run faster, you have large strides when walking, you can handle things properly with your hands (at least more properly than those with small hands), you can jump higher than most people easily, you can do a lot of physical exercises with lesser effort than most average sized people.


It just means that you have big hands and big feet.

I believe that big feet may help more with good balance.