How can i get taller fast?

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hello this my question: how can i get taller fast?, may you answer me please

The maximum rate at which you may grow is dependent on your genetic material. The only thing you can do is to provide your body with the optimal conditions such that your body can grow with an abundance of nutrients, rest and exercise.

As your body height is defined by your skeletal structure, the first thing here is to ensure that your body has enough material to develop your skeletal structure. In particular calcium is very important for this. Of course one may attempt to eat special diets aiming to optimize the nutrients, but I would say that the most important is to eat a variety of different things instead of focusing in on a few things.

Exercise may also help your growth in such a way that it speeds up the metabolism process in your body and at the same time puts your body at a state of cell division due to the hormones involved during exercise.

Finally, getting proper rest, i.e., sleeping, is very important for your growth. It turns out that most of the growth hormones are released during sleep. If you are constantly lacking sleep, then your growth will certainly be slower than someone who get plentiful of sleep every day.


There are a variety of answers. If you mean your actual body's height, it depends on your age and weight. Basically, you grow until you are 30, and then you shrink until you are 80. The older you get, the less you notice the growth. The shrinking happens very little over a long period of time, so you won't notice it until much later in life. As far as making yourself grow, if you are young enough, meaning a teenager would be the best candidate, but anyone until 30 fits, you can exercise, get enough sleep(7 hours a night), and drink plenty of milk. make sure you get all of your vitamins, and keep a healthy diet. Don't let your weight go under or above average for your age group. Check what is normal for your body mass index, and joining the gym would be beneficial. If of course, you just wanted to make yourself look taller, then it is as simple as buying a pair of shoes that have relatively thick soles. Some shoes add 2 inches to your height. I think more than that is uncommon, but not impossible to find. Good luck.


I am afraid no mater what you eat or what you do it isn't going to help you very much, your limited to your genetics, being tall isn't anything great I am just above average I am 6'2" and have long legs and I can never find pants that fit I have to go to special stores which costs more money so for me it sucks, I can't even buy one of those gas saving cars because my knees are almost at the dash board or getting crushed by the steering wheel. I also hit my head on those stupid lights they hang too low "chandeliers"


A persons height is related to two factors:

- The genetic information inherited from your parents
- Environmental factors, this includes diet and other aspects of your everyday life.

The main influence of height is the genetic information inherited from your parents. Your diet will have a little influence, but not that much.

There is no fast fix, but eating a healthy diet will increase your height with time. However this will only have an affect to a certain point.


Last time I checked on Wikipedia, it said that the would have the cure by 2014 I think. I think if you check there, the info is written. Also some website specialize in those areas, so you may want to check those kinds of places where the sources are more accurate. Good luck.


Let nature take its course