Why is the world round?

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Actually the earth isn't round at all. Consider what the earth would look like if there was no water on the planet. It would be very jagged with mountains and crevices. When you add water the gravitational force of the mass of the solid material and the hot liquid center pull evenly on the water.

This even pull on the water in the oceans gives the appearance of the world being round. When you figure in the gravitational force of the moon on the water the earth's shape actually distorts as the water as the earth rotates. This gravitational pull of the moon on the water in the oceans is what gives us high tide and low tide.

With this being considered the earth is never actually perfectly round. This movement of the water also acts as a gyroscope works keeping the earth from tilting off it's axis. If this were not so the earth would start to wobble. If it got to the point that the north pole was actually facing the Sun the Northern Hemisphere would actually be very hot and the Southern Hemisphere would freeze.
All life on earth would end before it got to that extreme.

The moon essentially makes life on earth possible. So when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie it's really than just Amore!


The earth, along with other planets, is more or less round because of the amount and types of materials that formed it. The earth formed from materials that orbited the sun during the early formation of the solar system. These rocks, dust, gases, and ice, gradually over billions of years collected together and as the mass grew larger gravity held it together and drew more materials into it. Finally when the mass grew large enough, the internal pressures and breakdown of radioactive substances caused heat to build up. This heat along with the heat from the then younger and hotter sun, melted the early earth allowing gravity to pull the shape into a round mass. Gravity produced by the earth's mass, pulls equally in all directions, and if all the liquid matter was pulled in equally from a central point then a round sphere was the end result.
Because the earth's size it was large enough to trap the gases that make up the atmosphere. When incoming matter such as meteors, hit this atmosphere heat is formed due to friction with the gases. This is another source of the heat that kept the early earth melted. It is also believed that during it formation the earth was actually closer to the sun.
The asteroid belt is an example of the types of materials that came together to form the early planets.


Have you ever noticed that falling rain drop is round and falling hail ice is also round. Have you ever thought why these are round? Answer is air friction causes the drop to mold in rounded direction. Continuous thrust of air from all the sides squeeze the rain drop to rounded shape.

We all know that age of earth is millions of year and earth is revolving around the sun for millions of years.

Earth is moving around the sun with some speed. Due to this speed, earth mass is continuously offered with frictional force from the space. So, due to this friction, earth is molded to round shape like the rain drop and hailing.


The earth is not round. It is an oblate spheroid in shape. It is a sphere bulging in the middle around the equator. This shape is attained due to centrifugal force developed from the continuous rotation of the earth. The centrifugal force is the outward force that causes the earth to bulge outward around its center, the equator. An oblate spheroid looks as follows:


The earth is round because of the equal gravitational pull in all directions from its center. However, the earth is not in the shape of a perfect sphere due to the centrifugal effects caused by the earth's rotation.
There is slight bulging at the equator and slight flattening at the poles.


Because God made it that way. :)