Why are stars called distant suns?

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Shortly and profoundly: our daily star, the Sun, is the closes star in the sky visible to us. Thanks for earliest methods of measurements using parallax, astronomers discovered that Proxima Centauri star was the 2nd closest to Earth. The majority of stars are much, much farer making any interstellar travels out of reach for us at the moment. That all appear in the sky as bright tiny points and astronomers used to name them all - distant suns - for simplicity.


Most stars are the indication of distant sources of light and energy, and, are Suns much the same as our own closest star, but, some are much larger some much smaller.

Because of the distances involved - the closest star is 19 light years away - some may no longer exist as we are seeing light that is just reaching us over time. The light we see is like a view back in time!


Stars are called distant suns because they ARE distant suns.

The closest star is Proxima Centauri which is 4.2 light years away from the Earth. There are at least 20 stars closer to the Earth than 19 light years.

While not all stars have planets orbiting them, they still fit the standard definition of a sun.


As most but not all are made up of helium and methane which is some what like fire ball, when it is quite near it looks like SUN and when it is far it l;ooks like star - for instance CAR with headlight when coming from very far looks like small star but it come very near to us it looks like round ball like our SUN


Stars are suns just like our own Sun.
Some stars are much older than our Sun, others are younger. Our Sun is a yellow dwarf, other types of stars are white dwarfs and red giants.
Most stars are between 1 and 10 billion years old.


Our sun is a star. A star is a hot dense mass of hydrogen creating helium through nuclear fusion and giving off radiation in the process. The 'sun' is simply the name we give to the star at the centre of our solar system.


Not all, but some distant stars, function in a manner similar to the Earth's own sun by providing a center of gravity for rotating planets and meteors. So in this sense, stars may be considered distant suns by astronomers.


The sun is a star but is not distant compared to other stars. They are simply suns that are far away or distant. They are called that because we have dubbed the star we see everyday as the sun.