When do you believe human will make it to Mars?

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Give a time frame of when humans will have the potential to reach the planet Mars.

By 2030 if the competition for space starts again.In the past,the rivarly between the US and the USSR is what made space travel 'a priority' to both nations.There has been a lull in space travel since 1991 with even the shuttle stopping its travel.
However,the US may be pushed by new nations that are starting to take an interest in space.The Russians now are ahead in the space race.After all,it is they who are carrying American astronauts in their Soyuz capsules to the ISS.China is now building its own space station,the Europeans are sending out explorer satellites while India is planning a manned mission to the Moon.The US needs to wake up and realise that the competition is here.And catching up.Otherwise,it will be China or Russia landing on Mars.


I think that we have the potential to make it there already, the problem comes from the recent lack of funding and effort from governmental agencies, at least here in the U.S.. We had plans to make it there by 2020, but they have since been terminated. Because of this, chances are private corporations will make the steps in order to set foot on Mars, and maybe even establish a base there.

Quite recently, a Dutch company has released plans that involve sending astronauts to Mars to set up a colony there. NASA was going to travel to the planet in 2020, however, these plans were abandoned due to lack of a budget, and the mission is postponed to 2030. Hopefully it doesn't take another 20 years to accomplish something like this.

Private companies have really stepped up the game in the past few years. I was there at Mojave when the first private spacecraft launched into space. They are building a spaceport out there at this very moment. If we are already preparing to launch everyday people into space, a feat once thought impossible, then we can get someone to Mars. I'd say we will probably make it there by 2025. This gives a couple years for funding and sponsors to build up, while this is happening, people can begin to design the spacecraft necessary to take the astronauts. Construction will take another few years, along with all the testing required. It takes 9 months to reach Mars at the speed we are currently capable of, so we would have to leave in 2024 to reach the planet in 2025.

This is, of course, if they start now. It may take longer if all the economic trouble doesn't get sorted out. There are also a few technological problems that have to be addressed. We are capable of figuring them out, we just have to try. Thanks for the question, have a nice day!


There are already plans and they are looking for volunteers to establish the first Human Settlement on Mars in 2023. They are planning to send I believe it was a crew of 6 or 8 the first year, then every 2 years after that to build up the settlement. The drawback, it's a one-way trip so if you decide to go, you stay. This is a private venture not affiliated with any Government. From what I understand the members of the crew going will not have to pay anything, it will be funded by other sources. Their Website is


for verification of the information, just remember again IT IS A ONE WAY TRIP, there is a guarantee you won't come back and no guarantee you'll survive the trip or even spending an instant alive on the surface of Mars. What if the equipment you bring to create a habitable environment fails and you can't make oxygen to breathe, Mars atmosphere is over 95% carbon dioxide and very little oxygen, nowhere near enough to sustain life. You'll have to grow your own food and either find or extract water from somewhere. If it was me considering it, I would most definitely wait until after a substantial settlement had been created before going.


There were plans to send humans to Mars by the year 2020. However due to the bad economy and lack of funds, NASA was forced to abandon the Mission to Mars program. There have been many studies, test and astronaut preparations to send people to Mars. I believe we are more than ready to send people to Mars. But at the current rate things are going, I would say perhaps by the year 2040 there will be humans being sent for the first time to Mars. However, I believe other countries will be able to do this first than the U.S; Russia for example has all the potential and capacity to send some humans to Mars as early as the year 2030. I predict that this will be yet another repetition of the space wars between the U.S and Russia back on the very start of the space travel era. I won?t lose hope and I believe that before I die, I will be able to see someone set foot on Mars for the very first time, just like Armstrong did decades ago in the moon.


Well, I am not a scientist. But, from what I gather from newspapers and magazines, humans will make it to Mars may be in another 20 to 25 years time. Since, the scientific knowledge is growing at a rapid pace, the mission could be accomplished much earlier. By conservative estimates, humans will make it to Mars some time around 2035 AD.


It is supposed to be for about 2020-2025, but they have first to find people to go there, since the trip takes about two years to go and another two years to come back. So the people going on Mars will have to be four years in a skyrocket, which is pretty long... They will probably wait until technology gets better, to reduce the time.