What would happen on earth if suddenly there was no moon?

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What would happen to the earth if there was no moon in the sky?

Is the earth really that dependent on the moon? The moon is gone on the new moon, and the only thing that's changed is the sky is a little bit darker than usual. And no more howlers in the night.

Thinking a bit more seriously though, perhaps because the earth and moon had been together since the beginning, it being gone could trigger a lot of doomsday scenarios. The one thing that everyone knows is that the moon affects the tides and the oceans. With the moon gone, there would be a change in how the oceans move. Perhaps they'll swallow up some land, dry up in other places. In any case, the shape of the earth's continents will change. With that, there might be weather changes and climate changes, since temperatures will change.

The earth and the moon have also stabilized their movement across the skies for how many billions of years already. To abruptly take away the moon would maybe wreak havoc on the earth's spinning, it's axis, it's orbit, and such.

Either way, it could have catastrophic effects regarding life on the planet. Scientists have found out that the distance between the moon and earth widens each year, but it causes only minimal changes.


The stars would be brighter on certain nights with no full moon to compete.

The tides would cease to exist, I would think, since the moon affects tides. That might have a huge impact on the coastline of areas with marshes, tidal pools and areas where incoming and outgoing water nourishes and refreshes life in those areas. Ocean life, fishing and any industries derived from the oceans would be in jeopardy.

Wiccans who use the moon for spells and rituals would have no heavenly body to use.

The sky would be desolate and lonely-looking. There would be no more walks in the moonlight.

I'm wondering if our rotation around the sun would be altered in any way. We're continually being affected by other celestial bodies and their orbits.


You may not have incoming and outgoing tides twice a day for each but you'd have wind which sets water moving. The Wiccans would choose a planet like Venus for the worship, moonlit walks would be illuminated by miner's lights.
The real tragedy would be the Man In the Moon would be homeless, love songs such as Moon River and By the Light of the Silvery Moon wouldn't mean anything, but what's worse is you couldn't drop your pants and "moon" anyone. We may need an alternate name like "Showing Your Hairy Cheeks" or instead of mooning we may have "butting".


Well the moon acts as a gyroscope for the earth so if one day it will suddenly be gone, the earth would spin weird and forcefully that it will break it self apart. That is why some scientist today are a little bit worried because the moon is getting farther away from us inch by inch year per year.


Well the moon causes the tide and waves in the ocean because of gravitational attraction. If that were to stop, the oceans would become stagnant. When the oceans are stagnant, the fish and all ocean creatures will die.


Well if that happens, there wont be sudden change on earth. Thats for sure. Apart from that we all dont know.