What do you have to say about Stephen Hawkin's theory of the origin of the World?

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Stephen Hawkins tells that there is no GOD involved in the creation of the Universe and the Space. He says it is all science. All the major religeons in the world believe that only the GOD could have created everything that we see today. Do you agree with the Hawkin's theory or you belive that GOD is the creator of everything?

Hi many thanks. I was brought up as a christian. But when I was bored working at sea for very many years I did comprehensively study all the different world religions and their beliefs. It was only after doing so that I reached my own conclusion which seems to be rather the same as Professor Hawkings' conclusions and the Buddha's conclusions and Darwin's conclusions?

I concluded that Buddhism appeared to me the most likely Faith to be correct. But I do accept there is a great deal of plausibility in Hindu Faith beliefs too. But then did not Buddha specifically question the beliefs of Hinduism more than he did of any other Faith after he became the first and most "enlightened being" on Earth? But I will certainly try to read the books you quote to try to find out if I have got things wrong.

OK to answer your question properly, I have explained in other answers why I personally do not believe god created everything, which Hawking also now concludes from a totally different standpoint My conclusion is based not on science, but firstly on the evil and wickedness that is being committed day by day all over our planet by believers in god of so many different Faiths allegedly "in His name"?

Such as the merciless beating or stoning to death of people who have erred in public in Tehran and Somalia their sexual morality by the so-called "spiritual leader of Iran supposedly "in the name of God? Such as the mass murder of the travelling public in New York, London, Moscow, Madrid and very many other places etc. all accompanied by placards saying "God is great" to justify their utter wickedness? Such as he huge numbers of deaths inflicted on lovely people during the Crusades Wars through so much of Earth's history? Such as the terrible murders committed by Roman Catholic believers against protestant believers and by protestant believers against Roman Catholic believers in Ireland "in the name of their God"? Such as the phosphorus shells fired into hospitals in the Gaza strip in the name of Yahweh by Israeli soldiers who worship in their synagogues etc. etc.etc.

But it appears the God who is supposed to "have so loved the world" and "with whom all things are possible" and who commands that his name must never be "taken in vain" has made no attempt whatsoever to try to help the victims of this utter evil committed in His name by others? He seems, if he really exists, to support the bad against the good? Yet no such evil has ever been committed in the name of Buddhism over the past 2,500 years, nor today? Buddhism preachers only love and morality never hate, immorality and eternal damnation to those who fail to obey its precepts.

But also the fact that many of "the creatures" who god has supposedly designed seem to have no function other than to create annoyance, misery, agony, terrible suffering and sometimes agonising death to totally innocent creatures including humans and recently born babies who have never harmed any other creature . Creatures like pathogenic bacteria specifically designed to colonize your or my body and cause either of us the most terrible illness and perhaps agonising death? Like sewage rats? like the recently created NDM1 enzyme that seems to have been designed from where you are specifically to defeat the ways we have evolved of saving ourselves from defeating bacteria and letting them defeat us so we die in extreme agony and they thrive? Like komodo dragons that wait for us to die in agony to get their dinner long after injecting their agony causing venom into our bodies , like malarial mosquitoes, like bedbugs, like flies, like black widow spiders etc. etc. ,Were these really foul horrible creatures that cause such widespread misery and suffering really all designed and created by a loving God that also created us and every other living thing in this beautiful universe?

Or did God really cause all the natural disasters happening on Earth like the Haitian earthquake, or the boxing day tsunami what has recently happened to so many millions of innocent people in Pakistan just across the frontier from you, etc.etc.etc. etc.?

Surely if he was what is claimed he would have prevented these from ever happening and causing such a magnitude of suffering? But Buddha did discover the true meaning of suffering why we suffer and the road to deliverance therefrom which no other religion seems to have ever been able to explain? He discovered suffering does not come from a God but from natural causes, just like Professor Hawking now has also discovered?

Surely if there was a God who was motivated to goodness and love he would never have allowed so much extreme misery and agony and disease and "suffering" of innocent people.and beautiful other creatures in his name he to have continued ad infinitum for so very many centuries?But you have asked an excellent question and I hope others will answer too about what we have written and what Professor Hawking has written.


Hi Eyeey30 I really appreciate the time and effort that you have taken to answer this question. Some of the points that you mention are very true, like the killings in the name of the religeon are entirely condemnable and all the wrong things too, but every thing has two sides. You and I are very new to the religeon, and we can only comment based on our life experiences and what we have learnt in a short span of life. Religeon has taken thousands of years to form and cultivate.

Since you are pretty interested in this topic, I would like to share a few things with you, that many people are unaware of. You might be interested to know that Hindu Religeon is the oldest amongst all religeons, and the Hindu scriptures are full of science. It is all written in Sanskrit, the origin of all languages, and the scholars of Sanskrit are very few, and in India.

Like I mentioned, the Vedas and the Upanishads have the answers to all the questions that you might ask. Whether it be quantum physics, or the origin of life or chemistry or geology. The problem faced by today's scientists is that they do not properly understand the pure Sanskrit, which was used to write those scriptures. Only a few people in India are able to decode that language and know the real science hidden in those texts.

I shall tell you a few interesting facts, if you want to know about science. If you have ever read about the "RAMAYANA", it is the most common hindu scripture. In Ramayana, there is a clear mention of Aeroplanes, with the Rakshasa King Ravana. You might wonder how that is possible? I would give you the directions. There is a shastra called as VIMANASHASTRA in the VEDAS, which tells about the making of aeroplanes, using Mercury Vortex engines.

You might say this is only in the text, and no one has ever created it. I would suggest you google for "BAPUJI TALPADE PUNE". He had created an aeroplane using the VIMANASHASTRA, 15 years before Wright brothers had made a plane. He had flown it across the river, and had made designs to improve it. But since at that time, the Britishers were ruling India, they wanted to use the planes in War. Hence he destroyed his designs and diagrams, and demolished his model. Almost everyone thinks that the Wright brothers created the aeroplane, but history is different. You might check the google and know the truth.

This is just an example that there are a lot of things in India, that the people are unaware of. Since you might not be knowing Sanskrit, I reommend you read the "50 Books of the EAST", written by the german philosopher Max Mueller, who had studied Sanskrit in India. He has written English versions of the Vedas and the upanishads.

I suggest it as a good reading for you, as you are in search of knowledge, in its proper form. Believe me, if you come to India, you would know how vast knowlede lies hidden here, only to be searched and explored. I will tell you about other amazing things as well, that the scientific community does not know.


This interesting question was asked by somebody else on Mybestanswer a few days ago which is probably why so few have answered you.

Can I point out to yourself firstly as I did to him that the correct surname of the scientist is Stephen HAWKING (not Hawkins).

Secondly it is not true that quote "all the major religions of the world believe that only the God could have created everything we see today" unquote.

The religion of Buddhism, which has over 360 million believers worldwide, has maintained what Stephen Hawking has now discovered to be fact for the past 2,500 years. Because Buddhists know the most enlightened human being ever on earth Siddhartha Gautama found out what Hawking has only just found out by meditating 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and 1,070 years before the birth of the prophet Mohammad.

What Hawking has only just discovered as a scientist was also proved by Charles Darwin in his book "The origin of the species by Means of Natural Selection" which he published in 1859 after finding out what Hawking has also now discovered between 1832 and 1836 when he visited the Galapagos Islands on British ship HMS Beagle.

The same fact was also discovered by another brilliant scientist called Eric Hubble in 1929. So Hawking is a bit late but he too now seems to have become "an enlightened being" too. Sadly too many people still will not accept something to be true even when it is so expertly proved to be fact by so many different kinds of expert analysis.


Blaming God for causing the problems brought on in many cases by our own failings is perhaps understandable but nevertheless arrogant and typical of the human condition. It assumes we know better than God and can tell the creator of the universe how to manage things. We blame him for allowing suffering and even 'foolishly' giving us free will too. If you do believe there is a reason why the universe gave rise to consciousness and our ability to wonder about a God then you must also believe in a creator that can see the whole picture. I have faith that things will turn out OK in the end. Why is suffering 'allowed' by God? I don't know, but I'm absolutely sure that none of us knows what would happen if things were different. Perhaps somehow in the eternity of time, this suffering is a necessary stage of evolution with only God knowing why. It is clear (for the time being at least) that God does allow things to happen that cause us suffering. We will all have to wait and see what all this is about and in the meantime manage our affairs as best we can whilst having faith in a benevolent creator God. Without a benevolent creator there can be no good or evil it seems to me.


Hi Eyeey30 First of all, when you are quoting about siddhartha Gautama, you should know that Siddharth Gautam was a Hindu, who later became the founder of the religeon Buddhism.

The western world has very less knowledge about science and spiritual science. I would reccomend that you should go through the Three most read books in the world, all written in India.

1.) The Vedas
2.) THe Upanishads
3.) The Bhagwad Geeta

If you can truly understand the meaning of it, then you will understand how the earth formed, and it is indeed the GOD who is creating and destroying everything in this world.

Take for example a computer program. If there is a variable in it, it will never know that you have created it, as it does not have the sense to know how he was created. Similarly humans are on a lower plane, and God is above that. You can never know who created you unless you are enlightened. Hawkins is good as far as science goes, but he is not accurate.

Science itself says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Then to form something, you should have something. And for it all to start, there must be the god.


Well, I really don't even think of how the world was created. It is hard to say if Hawkin's is correct or not. For all we know there could be some force out there larger than us humans.