What color is the sky?

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Does the sky has a blue color? or is it a reflection of the sea

No the sky's apparent color to us is not a reflection of the sea. The blue color we appear to see in the sky when it is cloudless is due to what is called Rayleigh Scattering as light moves through the atmosphere, which is the mixture of gases, molecules and other materials surrounding Earth and nothing to do with the sea. . So visible light is part of the absorbed electo-magnetic spectrum our eyes can see with non absorbed colors like red removed . The converse of what youmsay is true. The color of the sea is a reflection of the color ofthe sky and will only look blue if the sky appears blue at that time If it is overcast, the sea then appears dark because it is a reflection of the color the human eye is seeing just above the sea not the color absorbed in the atmosphere.


The light from the sun hits our atmosphere, and that light contains short and long waves of light. The longer narrower light waves (like red) hit our atmosphere and have to travel a long distance before you can see their color, however the blue light waves are wider and when they hit the atmosphere they are dispersed widely and our eyes can see that spectrum, so the sky appears blue. When the sun gets close to the horizon however, those longer light waves (like red or orange) begin to appear to us because the sun's light is going through a lot more atmosphere to reach us.


The sky appears to be blue. This is because of the Rayleigh scattering. The sun's light contains all colors. The blue color present in the sun-rays gets absorbed by the molecules of the earth's atmosphere, and then scatters in all directions as it is quickly released by the molecules. This is because the molecules are only able to absorb the blue color.

Thus the earth's sky appears blue as blue light is scattered and reflected throughout the atmosphere.


Pour a glass of water. It looks transparent. Look into a deep swimming pool. It looks blue. water is blue if you have enough of it. Air is the same, only you need even more of it to look blue. A room full of air looks transparent but 100 miles of air above your head looks blue. The blue colour is Rayleigh Scattering of white sunlight from air molecules. Air is not perfectly transparent, water less so.


The sky appears to be blue as perceived by the human eye. This is because the light from the sky is a result of the sunlight scattering.

The sky can change and appear lots of colors, such as red, orange, yellow, pink, purple (at sunrise and sunset) and black (at night).

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Actually the atmosphere has no color nor is that blue you see a reflection of any sea. As the sun's rays shine on the earth, the ozone layer refracts sunlight, especially most harmful UV rays, away from the earth. What you see are the rays that made in through layer.