What color is Mars?

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my question:what color is mars?

Mars is also known as the red planet because of the rusty red appearance. The planet is covered with iron oxide which was formed many years ago when there was more water on the planet. Dust storms and clouds moved the rusty material around and covered the planet's surface. If you were to dig down just a few centimeters you would see the planet is actually brown with some regions being bright orange and some almost black.

The planet's sky also is red because of the dust scattering red photons in the atmosphere. The dust absorbs and deflects the red light so you see more blue photons streaming from the sun. This results in sunsets on Mars being blue.


Mars is a reddish color that is due to a high level of iron oxide (which reflects the red wavelength of light) in its surface material.


Mars is a reddish color which accounts for its name. Mars was the Roman god of war or bloodlust and blood, of course is red.


Mars is more of a dusty reddish colour with some browny tint to it. At least I think so any way.


The Martian planet looks reddish in color due to the large amounts of dust that is present.


Red with hint of brown