Is there any life on any other planet beside Earth?

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my question: is there any life on any other planet beside earth?, please. thanks in advance

That is the million dollar question! From the beginning of time man has looked up at the sky and pondered this very same thing.
Look through history from cave paintings to ancient texts and there does seem to be a theme of something "other worldly" going on. There are some interesting parts in the bible that have always had me fascinated one example in Exodus 24:10 "and they saw the God of Israel; and under His feet there appeared to be a pavement of sapphire, as clear as the sky itself" (That sounds a bit like some form of alien craft to me) .
Many people believe there has been a massive conspiracy by the worlds Governments to cover up the fact that we are not alone and presently Governments have been put under huge pressure to release files that have information regarding UFO's. Britain and France has started to release theirs and they can be found in the national archives online. New Zealand is following suit along with other countries but unfortunately USA is extremely resistant.
The "Buzz" in the UFO world at the moment is that we are getting VERY close to disclosure. On
27 Sep 2010 Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman was named by the United Nations (UN) to be the official ambassador for ET'S!
On Dec 2nd of this year wikkileaks Julian Assange has stated that in some of the next cables that are to be released there will be information about UFO's.
The latest statistics are that globally a UFO is reported every 6 minutes. I can see that many people like to have a joke and put hoaxes on youtube of ridiculous looking aliens and badly focused images of goodness knows what up in the sky but there are some really strange and legitimate sightings out there, witnessed by many people at once that just cannot be explained.
In reality I can not really answer this. There are just so many theories . For all we know the only other life out there could be in the form of viruses or microbes but on the other hand there just could be advanced civilizations! We can now peer into space like never before and NASA has found that there are so many more stars than they had ever realized so who knows the possibilities in the future!
All I know is that is it good to have an open mind and to search for the truth and I will continue to look upwards into the sky and live in hope that if the Government do know of life on another planet then they will be honest enough to make that information public!


Of course there is. Although the odds is very small. We are like a fish in a big wide ocean. But to have an earth like planet, a requirements must meet. Its exact location to it's star, its position on it's galaxy, its type star system, the kind of star(i.e. white dwarf, nova, a middle age star ). And it will be hard to find the probability to exist life in universe. But think it this way, if we're alone in the cosmos, why do there have lot of that stuff in that space. Maybe we're the second earth like planet only one universe or a multiverse. And we're not sure if there is a more advanced civilization than to us. If they are made by a carbon atom as a basic organic element of us or a silicon atom which can also easily combined with other element. Maybe another millennia might have the answer or maybe not anymore.


Mathematically possible there is life out there in universe other than earth. But that's not the problem here. How would we develop means to contact them. if we make a contact traveling there would be extremely difficult. We have to develop means to travel faster than the speed of light. For most of us traveling at that speed would make our eyes blurry and our mind will not remain stable.


For us to be here and contemplate this question, we needed a stable planet with the right atmosphere for billions of years. I believe there might be life on other planets but its unlikely to be a developed as we are. I also wonder if we will be able to carry on for thousands of years without destroying ourselves and that might of happened if there are other planets as ideal as earth.


I think there is no life outside planet earth, because our religion never tell anything about that. earth is the only life in this universe.


Maybe there is, but it is not yet discovered.

Thank you for the question.


There may be, but they have yet to discover life on another planet.


Possibly, but there is no evidence of it -- yet.